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Spice Drawer Organization with Mini Jelly Jars

Am I the only one who can’t stand the three-tiered spice racks that go in a cabinet?  My mom has two – and I’m always knocking spices over when I try to reach for something on the second or third row.

Spice Drawer Organization

My spices have always lived in the top drawer by the stove.  It’s a shallow drawer, but the location is ideal when I’m cooking.  And it sure beats using those tiered racks.

This drawer was shallow so I had to lay the jars on their sides.  It worked, but because they were sideways, I’d often open the lid of a spice and spill it, because the lid had filled up. Also, it drove me crazy that the containers were all different shapes and sizes:

Spice Drawer BeforeI discovered that the 4-Oz Ball Jelly Jars fit perfectly in the shallow drawer, since they’re only a few inches tall.  Three dozen jars later, I have a very pretty – and functional – spice drawer!

Bonus: they’re now so easy to use when measuring with teaspoons or table spoons, thanks to the wide mouth of the jars.

Spice Drawer Organization with Ball Jars

I used these Round Chalkboard Labels on the lids because they were simple and relatively cheap.  The set of 48 came with a chalkboard marker, and are waterproof but can be wiped clean and reused.

Spice Drawer Organization with Ball Jars

I didn’t mean to get so fancy with the labels.  But as I wrote on them, I started doodling – so I just went for it.  I love how my spice drawer turned out.

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  • Reply Taura at 9:29 am

    These are so cute, Jane! I would think that spices would stay fresher longer since the seal on many spice containers is pretty pathetic with those plastic flip tops that never seem to want to close properly after awhile.

  • Reply Kiri at 2:17 am

    Thankyou for this – I’ve been wondering what to do with my spices! They currently stand in the top of the vegetable drawer that I’ve got on my counter. I can’t see the labels, and I’m constantly leaving them out because it’s just too hard to find the right spice at the time I want it. (I’m an ‘add-the-spice-as-I-cook-by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ kind of cook).

  • Reply Heather A at 8:18 am

    So, for the spices that usually come in the teeny-tiny containers (half the size of the regular spice container), are you putting that small amount in your 4oz Ball jar as well?
    Are you worried at all that the extra air space in the jar ?

    (I’m only asking because I have tried several different-sized spice containers, and I still end up unhappy with my choice in the end because of the different quantities in which spices are sold. Never mind my inability to choose how much will fit in my container at home while I’m standing in the bulk foods section of the store. )

    • Reply Jane at 10:24 pm

      These are great questions, Heather! I honestly haven’t decided what I will always do, but in this case I did dump the contents of the little mini spices into the jars. I want to use them up, and then if I need them, I plan to purchase in bulk either from My Organic Market, the organic grocery store that is local. By buying in bulk I won’t have to waste the containers that spices often come in, and I will be able to get exactly 4 oz.
      Also, I am not worried about the extra air space in the jar. Maybe not enough of a gourmet chef to care?
      There you have it, my honest answers 🙂

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