Hi! I’m Jane Pearson, the owner, designer, and creator of Janery. Janery offers colorful home accessories and fabulous pet beds inspired by my passion for color, interior design, pets, and small US businesses. What began as my attempt to make pretty yet practical pet beds for my own dogs and cats has turned into my full-time handmade business.

When I first started Janery I worked for a large defense company by day and sewed products at night. After my daughter was born in January 2015, I took the leap to run Janery full-time. I hope that someday she will be inspired by my passion for growing a small business and producing quality handmade goods.

My Designs

I love color and style, but I also love functional design, like pillows designed for easy cleaning – an important feature with pets or kids in your home. My throw pillows are double-sided with zippers in the bottom for easy cushion removal, and my colorful pet beds are fully machine washable.

My Philosophy

Janery’s business philosophy grew from my personal interest in supporting US manufacturers, giving back to the community, and bringing fabulous yet functional design to your home. I source US-manufactured supplies as much as possible, and I’m working towards hiring women in my local community (maybe even partnering with a local manufacturer). Every year I donate a portion of my proceeds to foundations for homeless people and pets.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to add some color to your home and ditch your ugly pet beds? Check out Janery’s collection of Designer Pillows, Merlin Mats, and Catnip Cuddlers in the shop!

What are Janery customers saying?

Janery Pillow A Home in the Making

credit: A Home in the Making

“These pillow are perfection. I am so impressed by the quality. The fabric is not only gorgeous, but the perfect pillow weight, and what I’m showing you in this picture is the nearly invisible zipper. My Pottery Barn zippers aren’t even invisible! It’s truly gorgeously made.”  – via A Home in the Making



Mel Lulu on Janery via Old Town Home

credit: Old Town Home

“Her stuff is great looking and well made, you can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into all of her creations. Wendy found a great pillow cover that will go well in our sun porch, and we also took home a much needed chevron cat bed for Mel.. . He’s now been a pretty consistent fixture on his new stylish cat bed just hanging out and observing, all thanks to Janery.” – via Old Town Home


Janery at Design Build Love

credit: DBL Designs



“Ethical standards are few and far between in business these days, and I am happy to say that Jane of Janery is an exemplary business owner! Not only does she focus on amazing quality project, she has a insatiable passion of bringing beautiful, eco-friendly products into people’s lives! She even uses eco-friendly shipping materials (that are reusable)… seriously! She makes me smile, and so does the amazing pillow she sent me.”  – via Design Build Love