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Easy DIY Slipcover for IKEA Jules Desk Chair

When I completed my Janery Studio Makeover, I did a lot of simple projects to make the space look and feel a little more finished.  One was the simple slipcover I created for my Ikea Jules desk chair that I use when I’m sewing.

Simple Ikea Desk Chair Slipcover

The swiveling wheels and the $39 price tag made this a great find for the sewing studio, but the aesthetics of the chair left a bit to be desired.

All the chair needed was a more decorative cover for the back, and with its simple lines I knew I could easily make a cover to slip right over it.

Ikea Chair Slipcover Sewing

  1. First, I hemmed a piece of fabric that was a little more than 2 x the width of the chair back.
  2. I traced the outline of the back of the chair onto wax paper to create a template.
  3. I folded the hemmed piece of fabric in half, wrong sides out, and then ironed that waxed paper onto the two layers of fabric.
  4. I then used my machine to sew through the paper and the two layers of fabric – sewing about 1″ wider than the line I had traced on the waxed paper.  (If you sewed right on the line your slipcover would end up too tight to fit on the chair back.)
  5. Then I cut around the seam I sewed, leaving about 1/3″ between the seam and my cutting line.
  6. I peeled off the waxed paper, turned the cover right side out, and slid it over the back of my chair.

Voila! In under 30 minutes I had a simple cover that made my simple desk chair look a lot nicer in the studio.

Ikea Jules Desk Chair SlipcoverIt’s always nice to have such a quick and easy DIY project actually work out. :)

Room Tour: My Janery Sewing Studio is Finished!

My Janery Sewing Studio is finally . . . wait for it. . . finished!  Just in time for me to enter it in the Creating with the Stars contest at East Coast Creative.  So exciting!!

And you know what? I feel like this is my best propaganda yet to convince you that, when you rent, you can still customize a space to make it suit your needs and look awesome. And it feels so good to look at the room and know that I transformed it from a totally blank slate.

Because this is the space where I let loose my creativity, I wanted to keep the decor relatively simple.  Enter the pure white and gold theme, and lots of white space on the walls.

Before I talk details, first let me give you a quick visual tour of the 10 x 10 room.  We’ll start at the French doors and circle the room.

Looking through the open doors, it’s hard to believe the room was ever boring and empty like this:

Guest Room Before Empty Now it is so awesome I can barely contain myself!!

2-Janery Sewing Studio Tour-001

5-Janery Sewing Studio Tour-004

This wall may someday hold a floor-to-ceiling cork board.

3-Janery Sewing Studio Tour-002 4-Janery Sewing Studio Tour-003 6-Janery Sewing Studio Tour-005

Now, just in case you’re new here, I’d like to show you all the projects I did to transform the space.

1. For my serger corner, I found an antique sewing table and chair in my parents’ basement, and recovered the chair.  I painted the artwork frames with gold leaf paint.