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Stitch it! DIY Makeup Brush Holder

In the past few years I’ve had to do a lot of business travel, and early on I started looking for ways to make travel packing easier and better.  I started using the hotel toiletries and hair dryer, but still packed my makeup and makeup brushes.   I decided a DIY makeup brush holder was just what I needed for traveling with my brushes.

Makeup Holder1

I am usually good at figuring out a design and then making something with no guidance, but this time I peeked at Pinterest to get some tips.  The patterns I found were really good, so I decided not to sort of follow them.  No point spending more time designing my own pattern if there were already good tutorials out there.

I found the tutorial from Centsational Girl to be the best.  Bonus: she always has such beautiful photography!

My holder ended up with the slots for brushes being too deep, so I cut an inch off the (finished) bottom, and just hemmed it using an overlock stitch.  Not ideal, but I was running out of time before my next trip and didn’t want to start over.Makeup Holder2

Also, I included a small (3-inch) flap of fabric at the top  to fold down over the exposed ends of the brushes before I rolled them up.

I’ve used this makeup roll for over a year now, and I’m really happy with how it works.

Easy DIY Slipcover for IKEA Jules Desk Chair

When I completed my Janery Studio Makeover, I did a lot of simple projects to make the space look and feel a little more finished.  One was the simple slipcover I created for my Ikea Jules desk chair that I use when I’m sewing.

Simple Ikea Desk Chair Slipcover

The swiveling wheels and the $39 price tag made this a great find for the sewing studio, but the aesthetics of the chair left a bit to be desired.

All the chair needed was a more decorative cover for the back, and with its simple lines I knew I could easily make a cover to slip right over it.

Ikea Chair Slipcover Sewing

  1. First, I hemmed a piece of fabric that was a little more than 2 x the width of the chair back.
  2. I traced the outline of the back of the chair onto wax paper to create a template.
  3. I folded the hemmed piece of fabric in half, wrong sides out, and then ironed that waxed paper onto the two layers of fabric.
  4. I then used my machine to sew through the paper and the two layers of fabric – sewing about 1″ wider than the line I had traced on the waxed paper.  (If you sewed right on the line your slipcover would end up too tight to fit on the chair back.)
  5. Then I cut around the seam I sewed, leaving about 1/3″ between the seam and my cutting line.
  6. I peeled off the waxed paper, turned the cover right side out, and slid it over the back of my chair.

Voila! In under 30 minutes I had a simple cover that made my simple desk chair look a lot nicer in the studio.

Ikea Jules Desk Chair SlipcoverIt’s always nice to have such a quick and easy DIY project actually work out. :)

Handmade Stocking Stuffer Gift: Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

I’m trying to get an earlier start than usual on making a few little holiday gifts. One idea I had was to make some fun fabric scrap bookmarks for people who still read from real, paper page books.

DIY Fabric Scrap Bookmarks Tutorial

I gave it a try and it was just as easy as I’d hoped it would be!  This project can be done in under an hour if you have the supplies ready to use.

Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric Scraps – at least 2″ x 5″ in size
  • White card stock paper
  • Ribbon or Yarn – pieces at least 4″ long
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Fray Check – optional
  • Old newspaper or a drop cloth
  • Scissors – or a rotary cutter
  • Sewing machine optional

How To Make Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

Here’s the basic overview:  You’re going to use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric scraps to both sides of the card stock. Next you’ll cut it into bookmark strips – about 2″ x 5″, or larger.  Then you’re going to cut a little slit near the top of the bookmark.  Slip a piece of ribbon through the top slit.  If you sew, finish off with a decorative stitch around the entire bookmark, and also where the ribbon attaches. Voila!

1.  Figure out what scraps you’ll use.  I decided to use scraps that covered the entire 8 x 11 sheet of card stock, so my bookmarks would be 8″ long.  Some of my bookmarks have the same fabric both sides, others are different on each side.   DIY Fabric Bookmark Supplies

2.  You’re going to spray adhesive, so you need to cover the space.  Spray adhesive seems to get all over, so I always cover a much larger surface than the actual spot that I’m spraying.  Lay out your drop cloth or newspapers.DSC_0119_edited-1

3.  Set out your card stock pages and spray one side with adhesive.  Set your fabric scraps on them, and smooth out any wrinkles.  I usually start from the middle and smooth out to the edges.  It’s easy to reposition the fabric if you need to.

4.  Flip the card stock over and figure out what fabric you’re putting on the other side.  Spray the adhesive again, and smooth fabric over it again.DSC_0122_edited-1

You may want to trim the excess fabric off the card stock before continuing. DSC_0123_edited-1

5.  Cut your bookmarks out of the card stock.  I cut mine in 2 inch strips, so that they were 8″ long.DSC_0129_edited-1

6.  Cut a small slit near the top of the bookmark, then slip a 4″ ribbon or piece of yarn through the slit.

DSC_0131_edited-1 DSC_0133 7.  Use a zig zag stitch to sew the edges of the bookmark.  Fold the ribbon out of the way so you don’t sew over it, then start sewing at the top, where the ribbon will be. DSC_0137

8.  Use a zig zag stitch to sew over the ribbon and the slit .  This will hold the ribbon in place.  Then use a straight stitch to sew the ribbon to itself at the top of the bookmark.

DIY Fabric Scrap Bookmark-01

10.  Seal the edges of the ribbon with Fray Check or some clear glue.DSC_0141_edited-1


Some thoughts if you don’t sew:

If you don’t use a sewing machine, you could still do this project.  You may want to use extra strong spray adhesive, or mod podge, or you could get some mid weight double-sided fusible interfacing and use that between the two fabrics instead of the card stock. You just want to be sure that the fabric is well-adhered to the middle piece, whatever it may be.

For securing the ribbon at the top, a drop of glue or hot glue would work fine.

Happy scrap-busting!

PS: Here are some easy handmade gift ideas I shared in the past.