Italy, Day 11: Day trip to Sirmione on Lago di Garda

And now we present . . . the final chapter in Jane, Ryan, and Baby take Italy 2016!

Waiting for the ferry to take us to Sirmione

We took one day trip during our final few days staying on the southern end of Lago di Garda, visiting Sirmione, a small town at the tip of the peninsula that juts into the lake.  It was a Roman resort town dating back as far as the 1st century BC.  Talk about history!

Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda Peninsula 1000px

A scenic 20 minute ride on the ferry boat brought us to the peninsula, and as we approached we were surprised to see an actual castle dominating the town’s skyline.

Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda Castle from Water 1000px

The ferry deposited us at a typical Italian town square, circled with bustling touristy restaurants and bars.

Janery Italy Sirmione Landing Plaza 1000px

As we walked through the crowds and turned the corner – BAM! There was Castle Scaligero!

Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda Castle 600px

The castle was literally built out into the lake, which created a natural moat around it.

Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda Castlello Scaligero Moat 600px

Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda Castlello Scaligero Moat 2 600px

We followed Via Dante which ran along the moat, it was the path shown in the photo below:


Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda Moat Buildings 1000px

Imagine dining or staying in a guesthouse with views of a castle and moat?

As we continued around the corner on Via Dante, we stumbled onto this beautiful restaurant.  That’s my kind of dining setting when I’m not traveling with a toddler!
Janery Italy Sirmione on Garda La Speranzina Restaurant Archway 600px

We continued to walk past the castle without a map or any knowledge of the town, and found ourselves on the east shore of the peninsula.  There was a large gravel plaza adjacent to the castle.

Italy Sirmione Castle 1000px

Then, heading north along the eastern shore of the peninsula we found a path.   We couldn’t see much of the town, which was uphill and behind trees on our left, but the views of the lake were breathtaking.

At the end of the shore path we arrived at the Parco Pubblico Tomelleri.  From the looks of the large beach dotted with lounge chairs, the town was preparing itself for beach season.

Italy Garda Sirmione Lakeside Dining Lido delle Bionde 750px

By now it was lunch time, and we decided to eat outdoors at the lakeside Lido delle Bionde Restaurant, knowing full well it was probably a tourist trap.  We were able to take Maple out of the baby carrier and let her crawl around a little bit.  The food was not memorable, but the view was.

Italy Garda Sirmione Parco Pubblico Tomelleri Olive Grove Steps 1000px

With our bellies full, we wandered up the hill and away from the shore via some charming paths through olive groves.  (In checking the map later, I realized it was a public park.)

Italy Garda Sirmione Parco Pubblico Tomelleri Olive Grove 1000px

We stopped so that I could subject Ryan to Happy Family Photos.  When you’re in a gorgeous olive grove in Italy, you kind of have to!  There were wild red poppies dotting the hillside too. The beauty of it all was just too much, like something out of a movie.

We continued to climb uphill until we found a road at the end of the park.  A few twists and turns took us to the very northern tip of the peninsula, by Bar Grotte di Catullo.  If we hadn’t had a sleepy baby on our backs, the Bar would have hit the spot.  It had a gorgeous outdoor patio where I could easily imagine whiling away the afternoon, Prosecco in hand.  But Maple was sound asleep in the baby carrier, so there was no stopping us now!

The tip of the peninsula felt quietly removed from the bustle of the town, and there was an enticing resort hotel as well.  The terrain was sandy and scrubby, and felt very Mediterranean all of a sudden.

We curved around and headed south when we were stopped by the most breathtaking gardens across from Chiesa di San Pietro in Mavino.

Italy Sirmione on Garda Rose Garden 1000px

We tore ourselves away and wound our way back down into the center of town via whatever roads our feet found.  Eventually we were back in the crowded tourist center, so it was only natural that we take a Gelato break.

Italy Sirmione on Garda Piazza Flaminia 1000px

Bellies full (again), we grabbed some sweet treats to take home to friends and family, then decided we’d better head back to the dock and board a ferry for home.  Maple had done GREAT with the busy day, but was sure to become a ticking time bomb at any moment.

Maple loved her ferry ride back to our apartment in Desanzano.  Maybe it was the weather, or maybe she was finally over her ear infections – but she was in a delightful mood for the rest of the night!


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    Omg, these sights. I always wanted to visit Italy, and this post just made me dreamy again. Love the pics! You guys look like you had a great trip. Thank you for sharing and please keep us updated!

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