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Trip Pics: Name that state

Well we’ve hit the road on the first leg of our vacation, heading north through the seriously insane wind and rain.  When I promised to  share at least one decor-related photo – good or bad – each day, I had no idea I’d start off with such a delightful example of curb appeal.

I’m really at a loss for words:

But Ryan isn’t, of course.  In his words,

It looks like a discount Halloween store threw up all over their yard.  .  . I think the only thing scary about it is what it’s doing to the property value.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to get back to gleefully giggling over the fact that I am sitting in my car, with a laptop on my lap, surfing the freakin’ web! As Brad Paisley says, welcome to the future.

From fabric scraps to fall decor

I’m a total hypocrite!!

I rolled my eyes when I read that Martha Stewart suggested changing out throw pillows and other home decor accessories with the seasons. Who can afford to do that, not to mention have the room for storing all that crap?  (Aside from Martha.)

But now I’m heading straight to my non-seasonal mirror to roll my eyes at myself, since I accidentally made a few fall pillows for my sofa.  I could afford to, because I only used fabrics I already had.  See, the other day the pillow shams from my old bedroom set caught my eye.  Sitting in my closet, the rust-colored fabric had me thinking – “Why not?”

I’ll skip the tutorial because there’s already good ones out there – like this one from Betz White.  Suffice to say I cut up the king-size pillow shams and sewed them into square “envelope” pillow covers that open in the back for ease of use.  Envelope covers are my fave, because there is no fighting with a zipper when you sew them!

Once the pillow cases were made, I surprised myself by finding a ton of earthy fabric scraps in my stockpile.  I sketched and printed some shapes onto scrap paper, cut them out, and used them as templates to make a few little seasonal appliques for the pillows. Some brown microfiber fabric became a bird and a branch, while an old strip of burlap made some fun textured acorns and leaves. With only an hour to spare before company arrived, I laid out my designs and used fabric glue to adhere the appliques to the pillow cases. Oh, I was so excited and impressed with myself!

I love my pillows.  They provide a touch of fall ambiance and provide a cozy cushion for those rainy days that require curling up with a warm mug of cider and a good book.  Plus, my sofa needed a splash of color.  Bonus: because they’re just pillow covers, they can be easily removed, folded, and stored when not in use during the other seasons.

Shared at Upcycled Awesome at The T-Shirt Diaries, Sew Much Ado, The Thrifty Home, Blue Cricket Design, and Someday Crafts.  Hop on over to these blogs to see a slew of other great fall decor ideas!

We’re hittin’ the road: New England

Tomorrow night Ryan and I are hittin’ the road for a long road trip to see the fall colors in New England.

You’re probably not gonna get a post until then, as I am INSANELY busy at work getting ready for said vacation.  I am dying because I have a ton of fun stuff I want to share with you all…and it’s just not gonna happen until probably Thursday.   Sigh.

But here’s the good news:  I’ll be blogging as I travel, and at least sharing one photo a day of something decor related.  It may be a gorgeous hotel room. . .a fabulous antique store find. . . or it may be the most hideous example of backwoods motel decor. It all depends what we encounter.

I do know we’ll have this view of Somes Sound from our room in Acadia National Park for two nights:

Where are we going?  I’m so glad you asked! We’ll be driving to Portsmouth, NH, then up the coast of Maine to Bar Harbor, then across the state to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, then up to Burlington, VT, then south to the Berkshires in MA, with a visit to my college roommate, then down to Tarrytown, NY. . .and then home.

I can’t wait!

My new blogging toy!

There’s been one teensy-tiny addition to my desk at home:  A new blogging toy.

It’s pretty, it’s got a large screen, and it’s mine, all mine.  For years I’ve been using my company-provided laptop, which is great, but it was time to get personal.

Things I love about my new iMac:  the large screen, the user-friendly interface, iPhoto, and the pricetag (very low, bought used from a friend).  Oh, and I’ll admit it:  I love how pretty, clean-lined, and white it is.  It looks much prettier on my desk than any other desktop would have.

Now, if I can just wrestle my new toy away from the cat (he quite approves, if you can’t tell), I’ve got to get back to work.  But first, any Mac fans out there?  I know Jeannine is, as evidenced by this image of her fabulous desk.   If so, what awesome things can I and should I do with this Mac?  Not a Mac fan?  Tell me why!