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Secondhand Score: Retro Style Metal Patio Glider and Chair

The other day I dropped off a carload of donations at Goodwill. . . but it resulted in my bringing home not one, but two, carloads of furniture.

Wait a minute. . . That’s not how clearing clutter is supposed to work!

As I pulled into the donation area, I spotted a treasure trove of recently-donated vintage furniture, including a vintage metal patio set.  I hopped out of my car and asked if I could buy it.  I have always wanted vintage metal patio furniture, the kind that glides back and forth, and at first I thought it was a vintage set in great shape.Retro Metal Patio Glider Sofa Red White

Upon closer inspection I suspected it was a reproduction, but that didn’t lower my enthusiasm.  When the employee quoted a price of $39 for the set of chair and 3-seater sofa, I immediately said yes.  Vintage or knockoff, it doesn’t matter – that’s a steal of a deal for metal outdoor furniture!  And then I texted Ryan to ask him.

While I was waiting on Ryan’s response, two other people tried to buy it as they walked into the store.

Retro Metal Patio Glider Chair Red White

That night I returned to Goodwill to pick up the furniture.  A woman was outside eyeing my patio set, and she tried to buy it from me – first for $100, then for $200.  That was awkward!
When I got home, a little online research showed that it’s most likely a newer reproduction made by 4D concepts.  Their 2-seater glider is currently on clearance all over the internet for about $200.  The chair is about $100.  I’m debating buying both, so that we have a complete set around the fire.  It’s one of those things that’s not really in the budget, but it may be worth pulling from some savings in order to have a matching set and not be stuck next summer trying to hunt them down.  However, they get mixed reviews – some for difficulty of assembly, some for poor packaging, and some saying it’s not super sturdy.

The furniture is just what we needed around our fire pit in the back yard, and though there are a few small rust spots, I’m hopeful that we’ll get a few good years out of it before we have to strip and repaint it.   I’ll have to share a photo once we’ve moved it into place.

In the mean time, what do you think – should I get the 2-seater glider and chair in the matching color?  And what’s the best way to protect it from getting rusty during the winter?  Put it in the shed?  Or apply a new layer of clear coat?

Roadside Find: A Mid-Century Wassily Chair Pair!

The other night I spied a Wassily style chair as I walked the dogs.  It was just like the one in Ryan’s office, except with different upholstery.

Ryan Office Wassily Chair

Ryan’s Wassily Chair

This chair was sitting in someone’s yard, not as part of landscaping, but more like it was destined for trash. Since it wasn’t on the curb, I wondered what was going on.

Last night I got answers!

Ryan and I were driving down our street as the homeowner carried an identical chair to the curb, setting it down next to his trash. Before I could finish squealing “stop the car!” Ryan had stopped on a dime, and I hopped out, asking the man if the chair was trash and we could have it.

He said yes.  Then he asked if we wanted a second one.

I almost died of excitement, but tried to remain cool. I didn’t want to seem like a grinning fool. Sure enough, the man carried over the chair from its spot in the yard.

We could only fit one of the chairs in the car easily, so I carried the other one home while Ryan drove. It was only a few blocks.Roadside Find Vintage Wassily Chairs

Once home, I inspected the chairs. The chrome tubing was in decent shape, nothing a little elbow grease won’t fix, but the canvas upholstered straps were gross from years of use.   Nothing a little reupholstery can’t fix!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I was looking for a pair of chairs for a room makeover Ryan and I have discussed, but I won’t spill the beans on that just yet!

What’s more exciting is that the chairs have old, worn labels on them, but I was able to make out some of the writing: “GAVINA Made in Italy”.

A little research led me to believe that these could be authentic Wassily chairs! They were manufactured by Gavina in the 1950’s and 1960’s until Knoll bought the brand in ’68. To find out more, I emailed my favorite vintage guru, Lance at Just L Modern Antiques and asked what he thought. I look forward to learning more.

How to Create a Decorative & Functional Pet Feeding Station

If you’ve ever lived with pets in a small space, you know that they require some space for feeding and storage of all the supplies they require. Fortunately, your pet gear can blend into your home with a pet feeding station.Pet Feeding Station Dog Food Container

Different home décor websites sell pet feeding cabinets that have integrated storage for pet food, bowls, and leashes, but you can also modify an existing cabinet if you’re on a budget. I found this cabinet on the side of the road, and was able to bring it back to life with a new coat of stain and paint, new drawer pulls, and a custom-cut dog bowl insert.

Tips for creating an attractive pet feeding station:

Read the rest of my post at . . .

The Nursery: Reupholstering a Curbside Ottoman…Finally!

As part of creating the baby’s nursery, I reupholstered an ottoman that had been languishing in our shed for years.  This ottoman is basically as old as my relationship with my husband – I found it in my apartment’s trash right after we started dating.  I immediately removed the old upholstery because it was in rough, dirty shape, but I’ve had the wood frame ever since.

Ryan has teased me about the ottoman ever since, because it seemed that it was never going to get recovered.  The thing was, I didn’t have a good place for it until now, and I didn’t see the point in wasting fabric on reupholstery if I didn’t have a use in mind.

Well, Ryan, I told you there was a reason for holding on to it! :)Ottoman Reupholster ottoman in
Read all about how I did it – and learn my secret to really neat, crisp (like white curtains) corners, over at the Apartment Living Blog.