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Janery Update: Family first

Sometimes life really has a way of throwing up detours when you try to reach your goals. And this year’s many detours seem to be following a theme – cancer.  Can I just say how much I hate that one illness?

But let’s back up.  I’ve been feeling guilty lately that I had all this hype about the new Janery website and the Charlie Cushion dog beds launching in May, and then it didn’t happen.

Right now my family is my top priority, which is why it’s July and the new shop still hasn’t launched.

My mom is in the hospital and her cancer is out of control.  I’ve spent a lot of time up there and things are only going downhill it seems.  Today her oncologist told my dad and my brother that it’s most likely a matter of weeks.

Jane Mom

So. I’m not going to get into a lot about my feelings for now, but when your mom is dying of a terminal illness and you’re only 35, it really sucks. And seeing your dad’s heart breaking is the worst. Things like your blog and part-time handmade business just suddenly don’t take priority.

Oh, and as if that isn’t bad enough, my awesome little cat Doctor was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma, a type of cancer, about a month ago.  It’s in the lymph nodes and various parts of the intestines, so we’re not too hopeful.  However, we are meeting with the oncologist who treated Charlie next week. We’ve been cautioned that he may not do well with chemo, so this is just an exploratory visit to weigh our options.  Right now we’re looking at only 6 more months with him if we do nothing.


Before cancer decided to get all up in our lives again, I’d run into some other delays.  First I had  issues with my US suppliers – delays and incorrect orders. I’m still working to sort those out.  It’s also taken me and my graphic designer longer than I expected to get the look of the new website together.

Janery isn’t going away, though.  Behind the scenes I’m still chugging away when I can, although I have to admit my focus isn’t at its best right now.  Last night I sorted through a shipment of dog bed inserts, all made in the USA, and got them labeled and stored in the attic.  I think the UPS man may hate me. . . or maybe just my friend who was cat sitting when these arrived. :)

Janery Dog Bed Shipment

More boxes arrived the next day.  Fortunately Ryan was home to receive them.

So.  Our house is overflowing with dog beds and pillow inserts and supplies.  That means that eventually there will be a new Janery with new products.  Just maybe not as soon as I’d hoped, because family most definitely comes first.


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Shop for a Cause with Janery & Response-a-Bull Rescue

I have a special place in my heart for bully breed dogs.  My sweet Charlie was a Rottweiler/Bully mix, and though my parents first said “Put her down! She’s going to get you sued!” she quickly became the perfect four-legged family member. Pit bulls and other bully breeds are over-bred, surrendered far too much, and are often misunderstood.  We need good rescue groups that help advocate and educate in addition to identifying safe, loving homes for them.

So when I heard that Response-a-Bull, the Pit Bull rescue in my hometown, needed to raise funds after the unusually cold winter caused higher than normal heating bills, I wanted Janery to host a special shopping event to help. I’m so grateful that my business allows me to do more to help pets and people than I would be able to do just on my own. 

Janery Response-A-Bull Fundraiser

If you’ve been eying a Merlin Mat for your dog’s crate, or a Catnip Cuddler for your kitty’s favorite spot on the couch, this is a great excuse to treat yourself!

Shop Now

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About Response-a-Bull:

Response-a-Bull Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Wilmington, Delaware that is devoted to the pit bulls and other mislabeled “dangerous” breeds who are so greatly misunderstood. Their mission is to rescue, educate, and promote responsible ownership; their vision is of a society with compassion and kindness towards all loving companions without negative stereotypes and senseless laws of breed discrimination. Response-a-Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer-run and relies solely on donations from the public to save dogs from high-kill shelters and re-home them to loving families.  You can find Response-a-Bull on their website and Facebook.

RAB Logo

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How We’re Preparing Financially for Pet Emergencies

I used to have a very logical and frugal plan for my pets’ veterinary care in old age: if they were diagnosed with anything terminal, I would keep them comfortable but not treat the illness. After all, only crazy people spend thousands to prolong their pet’s life, right?

This past fall I had to eat my words when my dog Charlie was diagnosed with cancer. Looking your beloved pet in the face and thinking of dollar signs is so incredibly painful. My entire perspective shifted, and I handed over the credit card because I wasn’t ready to lose Charlie.

My husband and I paid for all of Charlie’s care with cash from our emergency funds, but the treatment cost more than we would have predicted. I’m going to share the cold, hard numbers today, even though they’re scary, in the hopes that my experience can help some of you be more prepared than we were. . . .

Continue reading at Budget Blonde, where I had the honor of sharing this guest post last week.

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