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Updated Rental Home Tour: Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Master Bath

Beautifully renovated and tiled, our master bathroom doesn’t require much decorating. Decorating bathrooms in a rental, and creating enough storage in them, is often a challenge – but we really got lucky with this one.

If I ever run out of projects, I’ll repaint the walls so that they’re more of a light, warm cream that blends with the tile rather than their current yellow-toned beige.Master Bath

Master Bath Details:

  • Owl art from Funnelcloud Studio
  • Glass vanity items from Crate & Barrel
  • Other plants and counter decor (candles) rotate on my whim :)

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was the first room I “finished” decorating when we moved in. Light and airy, with a window directly over the bed, this room gets a beautiful breeze and makes it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. It got a seriously hand-made treatment, from custom curtains to home-built nightstands with handmade (and upcycled) storage bins. I customized and hung wall-mounted lamps for night time reading. As for accessorizing, I’ve made some special art and some personalized photography.


And then . . . well, then we “undecorated” the room.  I explained why in the post about the wedding quilt.  We still haven’t built our new king size bed, but we’re getting closer.  Maybe in July?
Once we build the bed, then we’ll start from scratch in the room.  In the mean time, we’re keeping an eye out for some small mid-century nightstands.

Bedroom In Progress

Bedroom Details:

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Our Wedding Quilt & A Bedroom Update

This Christmas Ryan and I received an amazing wedding gift:  a king-sized quilt made for us by Ryan’s mother.  The jewel blue batiks are pieced together in a wonderful modern pattern, so perfect for us that I can’t stop admiring it.

Wedding Quilt 3

She chose a wave pattern for the actual quilting that was done to it, because we got married on the bay.  How awesome is that?  (I know the pattern is a little hard to see in my photo below.)

Wedding Quilt2

And on the back corner she included a sweet message.

Wedding Quilt1

Right now we keep it on the foot of the bed when we make the bed, because the cats sleep with us at night and we don’t want it to get hairy just yet.
Wedding Quilt 4

Are you surprised to hear me say that?  I’m usually a firm believer in using something rather than saving it – but we want this to last for the rest of our lives, so we’re not ready to let it get hairy just yet. :)

Showing you the quilt, however, means that you now see how we’ve undressed the bedroom quite a bit.  It looks so naked to me.

Once the most “finished” room in the house, our bedroom is now naked.   It’s hard to explain, but it started when we removed the too-dark nightstands that we built.  Then I reluctantly removed the curtains that I had sewed, because without a headboard for the bed, the curtains got tangled on Ryan as he slept.  (He’s a very active sleeper.)  Then I removed the wall-mounted lamps, and replaced my wine crate nightstand with one from my parents’ house, simply because I wanted to use that Ikea lamp :)

What drives me craziest is the lack of curtains.  Ryan’s finishing up plans for building us a king sized bed with a headboard.  Once that is built, then we will add curtains back in and go from there.

February is filling up, but the bed needs to be built by the spring, so we’ll be building the bed and tackling the bedroom re-makeover in March and April.

In the mean time, I’m open to your thoughts on quilts.  To use them or save them?  How do you like to store them and wash them?  Have you ever had issues with pets messing up quilts?

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Bedroom Updates, February Edition

After installing my new wine crate-turned-floating nightstand in January, in February I continued to make some small changes in the bedroom.

After a failed attempt at a quirky gallery wall on the wall opposite the bed, I installed a floating shelf from Ikea on a side wall and moved my few bits and pieces to it.  (The reason the gallery wall “failed” is because we weren’t successfully collecting cool pieces to add to it.)

However, I still don’t like it.  The dark frames look ridiculous, my LOVE painting is almost blending into the wall because it’s not framed, and the scale is all off.  I think the problem is that the shelf is out of context on this wall. It just looks kind of random to me.

On the wall opposite the bed I hung a framed, large-scale photo of an ocean sunrise taken by my good friend Crysty.  It’s the perfect complement to our personalized beach photos on the other side of the bed.

Now that I’m looking over the photos, I’m wondering if it would make more sense to hang the beach sunrise where the shelf is, and hang the shelf with art above the cedar chest (which is soon to be replaced by a big new dog bed).  I think that might balance out better.

Also, the other beach photos are framed in silver frames.  I’m thinking I should change the frames on the new additions to coordinate.  The dark frames seem too abrasive on these light walls.

What do you think?  Looking at these photos makes me think I need to go back and take  Decorating 101 again.

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