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Socially (less) Awkward: What’s your social media of choice?

Lately I’ve had a few nights where I wasted far too much time chatting and being ridiculous on Twitter with a few blog friends.   Well, maybe I shouldn’t call it “wasting” time because I enjoy the time I spend chatting with you all.

It got me thinking – always a dangerous turn of events. . .

In the last year the Google tells me that I’ve had a lot more visitors, but you know I feel like I don’t know who you guys are! I know the social media and blog world can seem kind of clique-y at times, and I don’t want to contribute to that.  I want you all to join us!  If you’d like to join me in a conversation or other ridiculousness on Twitter or Facebook or even just in the comments section below, here’s where you can find me lurking:

On Facebook: The Borrowed Abode

On Twitter:  @BorrowedAbode

On Instagram:  @borrowedabode   (I’m totally hooked on Instagram, btw.  I love sharing silly photos and seeing what others are sharing!)  Right now, as inspired by Rachel’s comment on this post, I’ve started sharing the adventures of The Naked Man .  . . and I’m having way too much fun with it.

On Pinterest I have boards of all sorts, like Ideas for Renters and Storage/Organization and maybe a teeny tiny obsession with creative Cocktail Hour.

Of course, you can always just follow along with The Borrowed Abode RSS feed.

Now I’m off to photograph some more products and get Janery all ready for the holidays!  I’ll be kicking off the holiday season with a big sale sometime next week, so sign below to be the first to know! As a thank-you to my newsletter subscribers, I always announce sales to them at least a day earlier than anywhere else.

Are you worried I’ll junk up your virtual mailbox with tons of spammy emails?  Please don’t be.  I send out my newsletter once a month, max, and I will never, ever, cross-my-heart-hope-to-die share your email address with anyone else.

Now I’d better get back to work.  Ryan’s created a timed task list to help me this weekend, and I’ve got two dozen stuffed owls just begging me to photograph them. . .  they’re such divas.

In the mean time, please tell me – What’s your favorite social media outlet? And what’s your least favorite?

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  • Reply Ashley Living Life Arduously at 3:30 pm

    Twitter is my favorite! I can be found at @anratliff.

    FB is my least favorite and I’m seriously considering deactivating it!

    I’m also an Instagram addict… can be found at @anratliff!

  • Reply Kiri Celebkiriedhel at 5:53 am

    I’ve never used instagram – I don’t take pictures so I’m not great with that. Twitter seems too time-consuming. I use Facebook, but I wouldn’t call it my favourite. I think my favourite will always be chat on a forum, or skype with friends.

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