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A Feature and Interview on

For Rent The Borrowed Abode Feature

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Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Jason Potts, the Social Media Coordinator for, in an interview about my office space for their Amplified Apartments: Home Edition series. It was awesome being able to share how I’ve managed to make our rental home seem more like “home” and less like “rental” – and how through some trial and error, I’ve managed to make the space reflect my design style.

I’d like to thank Jason for taking the time to feature my space and interviewing me on their blog. You can read the entire Q&A by clicking here.

Updated Rental Home Tour: The Offices

. . . And, I’m back, with the second part of our 3-Year-Houseiversary Home Tour.

Today’s portion of the house, The Offices, feels a little insane to me.  I can’t believe we’re lucky enough to each have our own office/dressing room space.  Of course, if we ever have two-legged children, we’ll lose all our luxury spaces, so I guess we’d better just revel in it for now.

My Office & Dressing Room

This space used to be my sewing room as well, but after starting Janery I had to move the sewing studio and storage to the basement because it was taking over!

After three years of playing around with various layouts and decor themes, I feel like I really found my style with my current office & dressing room:

Rental Home Tour:  My Office | The Borrowed AbodeDSC_0065 Rental Home Tour:  My Closet | The Borrowed Abode

I could have “finished” the space off by hanging curtains to hide the closet, but let’s face it: I’m grabbing clothes out of there so often, the curtains would only be closed for blog photos.  And I refuse to do a project just because it would look good in photos.

Office / Dressing Room Projects:

Ryan’s Office / Dressing Room

Ryan also has a dressing room & office on the main floor, and it’s usually the one blog-free spot in the house.  Ryan’s dressing room & office, but at his request that is the one blog-free zone in the house.  In fall of 2011 I decorated it for him as a surprise engagement gift, using the paint color he’d already chosen.

Rental Home Tour:  Man Cave | The Borrowed Abode

Ryan’s Office Details:

New here?  Find the first part of the Updated Home Tour here: Living / Dining / Kitchen.

My Office / Dressing Room: Finished!!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been able to share a truly “finished” space with you guys. And that’s why I’m so excited about today’s official “After” post for my office!

Let’s take a little tour to wrap all these projects up.

The white door below is the entrance from the hall.    Jane Office Finished6

Then, of course, we have my desk, which I built myself from scratch.  The art hanging over the desk is thrifted and handed down.

Jane Office Finished8

The curtains are from Ikea, and the dresser is a family heirloom.  I’m hoping to find beautiful glass knobs to dress it up when I am in Italy on my honeymoon/anniversary trip.

On the wall over the dresser is a mirror that I had to fight for in the clearance section of Pier One (years ago) and then of course my window frame jewelry display, which continues to be one of the most useful items I ever made.

Jane Office Finished2

On the next wall is my mid-century modern secretary, which folds out into a desk.  I use it when I work from home for my day job, since I have a separate laptop for that job.  My closet, with the Container Store shelving I installed, is still going strong.  I considered hanging curtains over it, but they would just get in the way.

Jane Office Finished4

Oh! And under the desk I have my personal laptop and a power strip on a tray.  I actually use this to also charge things like phones, camera batteries, etc.  The tray makes it feel a little less messy and a little more like a charging station.

Jane Office Finished1 To the right of the closet is the exit from the office.  On that wall I hung my Neu Year planning calendar. Jane Office Finished9Above the door I have my hats on plastic-containers-turned-hooks, and these little plastic things continue to be the best hat hooks I’ve ever used.

Hat Hooks 1


All in all, I love the office and love even more that it is FINISHED!  It’s a huge improvement from a year ago when I was working with an Ikea desk and some mismatched old furniture.

Office Before

The office: BEFORE.

I’m not even sure I can call this a true “before and after” post because I didn’t want to waste a lot of space on the before. This room has gone through many stages, but three years into the process I finally feel that I’ve gotten it put together in a solid way.

Office Update: A Fantastically Huge Planning Calendar

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post or review.  This is me just raving about a product that I love.

As a small business owner trying to juggle a day job requiring travel, and all the other requirements of life, scheduling and planning my time well is a struggle.  Especially long-term planning for goals and sub-goals, like around the holiday season.

To plan all this out, you definitely need to see the whole picture. And that’s something I’m not very good at keeping straight in my head.

Neu Year Calendar

So when I found out that two handmade business friends, Rachel and Kim, each used the Neu Year Calendar, I knew it was the perfect solution for my long-range planning problems.

The Seize the Year calendar shows the entire year on one large piece of heavy-weight paper (or coated dry-erase paper, you choose). Even better, it’s double-sided – one side shows the calendar in a portrait layout, while the other shows it in landscape.

Neu Year Calendar Portrait Layout

But my favorite thing is that this calendar isn’t from a mass retailer like Target or Office Max, it’s from a small business.  It’s their only product.   And with that comes fabulous, friendly service.

I chose the uncoated paper version so that I could write on it with pencil or pen.  When it arrived, it was just as awesome as I’d hoped. I had to hang it, and was too busy to build a beautiful frame like Kim did (silly me!).

I bought a lightweight painter’s canvas, painted the edges teal to tie in with my office, and attached the calendar using spray adhesive.  Because the canvas was so light, it was easily hung with Command Velcro Picture Hanging Strips. The only downside is that I didn’t apply the paper to the adhesive well, so there’s some bubbles and some curling edges.Seize the Year Calendar3

Also, I ended up drawing on it and scribbling on it in pencil and marker, so now it looks a bit messy.  But it definitely gets the job done.


This massive paper calendar fit perfectly in my redesigned office, in the nook where the door opens from the hall into the room.  I can eye it from my desk at all times, which is perfect for keeping long-term deadlines on my radar. Jane Office Finished9

In the process of using it for three months I’ve realized that I’d do better with the dry-erase version, so I just ordered a new, dry-erase one.  I plan to staple it to my canvas over top of the old one.

And guess what? I discovered they’re on sale right now, which is even better!