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The Nursery: Reupholstering a Curbside Ottoman…Finally!

As part of creating the baby’s nursery, I reupholstered an ottoman that had been languishing in our shed for years.  This ottoman is basically as old as my relationship with my husband – I found it in my apartment’s trash right after we started dating.  I immediately removed the old upholstery because it was in rough, dirty shape, but I’ve had the wood frame ever since.

Ryan has teased me about the ottoman ever since, because it seemed that it was never going to get recovered.  The thing was, I didn’t have a good place for it until now, and I didn’t see the point in wasting fabric on reupholstery if I didn’t have a use in mind.

Well, Ryan, I told you there was a reason for holding on to it! :)Ottoman Reupholster ottoman in
Read all about how I did it – and learn my secret to really neat, crisp (like white curtains) corners, over at the Apartment Living Blog.

From the Janery Studio: Springtime Pillows

After the beautiful weekend we enjoyed here in Virginia, I think spring has finally arrived for good. On Sunday we had family photos taken at a park, and on Saturday I took Maple and the poodle for a long walk around town. It was so nice to have the baby outside in the fresh air, finally!

I have a few pillows in stock at Janery that always make me think of the warmer months. They’re all made from a linen-cotton blend with the most whimsical outdoorsy prints, some of which I used in Maple’s nursery. When I first discovered this Japanese fabric designer several years ago, I knew her fabrics would be the inspiration for my future child’s nursery.

My square pillows are now available in three sizes – 18″, 20″, 22″ and come with the option to buy just the pillow cover or the cover with a USA-made pillow insert.

Janery Designer Pillow Geo Bird Neutral Invisible Zipper

The Geometric Modern Bird pillow in neutral inspired the mural, but hurry – there’s only one left!

Janery Pillow Geo Bird 2 Grape 1000sq

The Purple Geometric Modern Bird pillow is the same pattern as above, but with springtime colors.

Janery Pillow Forest Creatures 2 Natural 1000sq

And for the animal lovers, the Forest Animal pillow with cheetahs, lemurs, owls, and more creatures.

Janery Pillow Butterfly Cascade 3 1000sq

Finally, there’s only one Butterfly Cascade pillow left, and that makes me so sad! This is a favorite of mine.

Everything in my shop is handmade by me, and the pillow inserts are an awesome faux-down polyester made in a small factory here on the East Coast. 

Stitch it! DIY Makeup Brush Holder

In the past few years I’ve had to do a lot of business travel, and early on I started looking for ways to make travel packing easier and better.  I started using the hotel toiletries and hair dryer, but still packed my makeup and makeup brushes.   I decided a DIY makeup brush holder was just what I needed for traveling with my brushes.

Makeup Holder1

I am usually good at figuring out a design and then making something with no guidance, but this time I peeked at Pinterest to get some tips.  The patterns I found were really good, so I decided not to sort of follow them.  No point spending more time designing my own pattern if there were already good tutorials out there.

I found the tutorial from Centsational Girl to be the best.  Bonus: she always has such beautiful photography!

My holder ended up with the slots for brushes being too deep, so I cut an inch off the (finished) bottom, and just hemmed it using an overlock stitch.  Not ideal, but I was running out of time before my next trip and didn’t want to start over.Makeup Holder2

Also, I included a small (3-inch) flap of fabric at the top  to fold down over the exposed ends of the brushes before I rolled them up.

I’ve used this makeup roll for over a year now, and I’m really happy with how it works.