Monthly Archives: January 2012

How-To: Wine Crate Nightstand

Remember those modern wooden nightstands that Ryan and I built 1.5 years ago?  Well, they’ve been gone since October, when I sold them in a yard sale.

After living with them for a year, I realized that we had no need for large nightstands, and they were just another piece of furniture that we had to dust and keep clutter-free.  Oh, and having the open bottoms?  The pet hair that collected was ridiculous.   I don’t know what on earth most people use enormous nightstands for, unless they are living in a small apartment and need to maximize space.  Continue reading

You Are Invited: DC-area Blogger Meetup!

It’s official! Christina (The Scrappy Housewife) and I would like to invite any of you locals to join us in Vienna, VA on Saturday, Feb 4, for a Blogger / Facebooker / Tweeter meetup. (Really, we need a better word for that, because that’s just a mouthful.)

We’ve decided to kick things off with a cup of coffee or pot of tea at Caffe Amouri, where we can sit down and actually talk to each other in real life for the first time. :)  Then, if weather permits and we’re in the mood, we may stroll down historic Church Street, and peek into the shops along it. It’s pretty pathetic that, after 1.5 years here, I still haven’t visited the locally-owned shops in my own town. Continue reading

Just for Fun: 12 Questions

Good morning, friends.  Today I’m just going to share a quick Q&A with you.    When I saw the Q&A that Mikalah posted yesterday, I was inspired to write a little.  I often don’t do those long Q&As that circle the blogosphere, because I don’t want to answer 35 questions about myself and my life.  But this one – only 12 questions – I can do. :)

1. How long have you been blogging?  Continue reading