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Balancing Business and Motherhood: My Interview on the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast!

Balancing Business and Motherhood: My Interview on the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast!

Do you listen to podcasts?   Today I’m discussing Janery and family, and essentially how I’m balancing business and motherhood on the Sarah R. Bagley podcast.

I listen to several while I work, and Sarah’s is one of my faves! It’s a lifestyle podcast focused on pursuit of a B+ life – something that she’s passionate about as a “recovering perfectionist.”

I have experience public speaking, but not so much on podcast interviews! While I was prepared to talk on these topics with Sarah, nothing prepared me for how nervous I got!   Just keeping it real.  I fear I may have rambled a lot, but we discussed things like my perseverance with launching Charlie Cushions at Janery, my inspiration for products, the dog that touched my heart like no other, and exciting life topics like laundry.  😉

And if you have any tips on balancing business and motherhood, please chime in on Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments!

Balancing Business and Motherhood Janery on the Sarah R Bagley Podcast Episode 93 Handmade Business

Introducing Winter Botanicals: The 2015 Janery Holiday Pillows

Every year I create a limited edition collection of holiday pillows. This year I designed a line of “winter” pillows that can carry your decor into the cold new year.Janery Winter Pillows Holiday Pillows

I released them last week and have less than a dozen remaining, so if you love them, now is the time.  Once they sell out, they’re gone forever!

Shop the Collection Button 250px

PS:  Next week I’m having my annual Cyber Monday Sale – it’s always the biggest sale of the year!  Join the Janery VIP Club if you’d like early access.

A New Janery Mini Collection: “Bricks” for Yellow Brick Home

This summer I needed to choose some new patterns for Janery pet beds, but I wanted to go outside of my choices, which are largely dictated by my style.

Janery Pet Beds Bricks for Yellow Brick Home Feature

I asked Kim, the talented pet portrait artist and DIYer at Yellow Brick Home to collaborate with me on choosing some new patterns, and I was ecstatic when she said yes! I love her style and she has the cutest pair of rescue pups, who you can admire all over her gorgeous Instagram feed.

Kim selected the Bricks pattern (I named it after her blog, of course!), and I made some gray Merlin Mats and a navy Catnip Cuddler for her critters. She tested them out for a few months, and I’m happy to report that they passed the test!

The Catnip Cuddler has a super special feature that’s exclusive to the Bricks Collection – it’s refillable. If your cat appears to be losing interest, you can open the velcro on one side, and pop some fresh new catnip in the mat.

The Bricks Collection is available here. If you’d like to save 15% on your purchase, and enter to win a $100 store credit to Janery, check out Kim’s blog post here. (The sale and the giveaway end on Nov. 20th, so don’t delay!)

PS: If there’s something you’d like to see in the shop, you can tell me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – I’m @shopjanery everywhere.

My Charlie Cushions are Finally Launched!

Charlie Cushions are here!  

Janery Charlie Cushion Waterproof Designer Dog Bed
I’m so excited to launch these plush, waterproof pet beds.  There’s a story behind every product I create, but the story of the Charlie Cushion may be the most important of them all.

Charlie Cushions are the reason I started Janery.

In 2003 I rescued a hairless and emaciated dog and named her Charlie.  She was a Rottweiler mix with a bullet in her leg, and with a lot of love and a little training she quickly became an irreplaceable part of my family. Charlie
Charlie loved any and all soft beds, probably after years spent sleeping on the streets.  But if she ate something she shouldn’t, Charlie would have incontinence issues, leaking on her beds as she slept.  I was constantly buying and throwing out cheap dog beds.

I finally got a high end pet bed for Charlie, thinking it would last longer and be less wasteful.  I was so disappointed when Charlie had an accident on it, and the dog bed insert came out of the washer all lumpy.  When Charlie curled up on it the stuffing piled up in the corner leaving a hard spot in the middle.  Plus, the smell hadn’t come out.

For years I wondered why there were no durable dog beds that also looked fabulous.  Why weren’t all dog beds protected by a waterproof liner so their cushions weren’t ruined by an accident?

When my husband gave me a sewing machine for my birthday, I started sewing.  And a year later I decided to create and sell waterproof dog beds.  Beds that complement your decor but are durable and practical.

I had a corporate day job, but on nights and weekends I sewed for hours, honing my skills and testing different designs, but ran into roadblocks finding a quality American-made supplies.  I also got discouraged several times and took time off from the project.  During this all, I developed other pretty-but-practical products – washable throw pillows for humans, Merlin Mats and Catnip Cuddlers for pets, and more.

Now Janery is my full-time job, I’ve found the right suppliers, and my Charlie Cushions are ready to shine.  I said goodbye to my beloved Charlie on Christmas day two years ago, but my other dogs and my cat have tested the beds for her.

If you’d like to save 15% during the launch week sale, you can join the JANERY VIP club here.