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Introducing the All New JANERY Website!

Toss the confetti and pop the champagne, because the JANERY website has finally launched! 

Janery Online Store Pet Beds Home Accessories

But before we go shopping, THANK YOU to all of you readers who have encouraged me along the way.  You rock.

Janery Shop Online Pet Beds Home Decor Made in the USA

It feels good to finally accomplish this huge business goal.  When you get to the website, I hope you’ll join the Janery VIP Club!

What does that mean?

  • VIPs save 15% during the Launch Week Sale
  • Access to JANERY sales reserved exclusively for VIP subscribers
  • Monthly updates on the latest fabulous happenings at JANERY
  • I will never share or sell your information

Well, what are you waiting for?  Check out the new!

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the site.

JANERY Launches Monday! Want access to the VIP sale?

I’m so excited to tell you that the new JANERY website is finally launching on Monday! 

Janery Opens Monday

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the site, and I can’t wait to share it with you.  I’ve written and re-written text, I’ve taken and edited photos, and then retaken photos when I wasn’t happy with the results, and honestly – I would like to take even better product photos, but at some point you just have to bite the bullet and say “it’s good enough for now.”

Before Monday comes, I’ve got a request.  I’d love to have you sign up for the JANERY newsletter.  Now I know that many businesses spam you with daily emails once you sign up, and it’s so annoying!

As part of JANERY’s relaunch, I decided I will only have a few sales a year.  They will usually be reserved exclusively for my email subscribers as thanks for letting me into their inbox.

I also decided I will never send daily emails, because no matter how fabulous my products are, that is just ridiculous.

What can you expect if you sign up?  A monthly email (and occasionally more often if I have something extra-fabulous to share).

So do you want access to the private launch-day sale, exclusively for my email news subscribers?

Click here to subscribe.

I respect and appreciate that you’ve shared your personal info, and I promise to never share or sell it!

I’ll see you back here Monday, champagne in hand, for the big reveal!

A DIY Backdrop for Large Product Photos

A DIY Backdrop for Large Product Photos

Janery Studio DIY Photo Backdrop Large Products

When you run a handmade business, it’s important to have crisp and clean product photos.  There’s tons of tutorials on creating small lightboxes for products like jewelry, ceramics, or purses.  However, solutions for large products – like my dog beds – are harder to find!

Since I make dog beds and pillows for Janery, a piece of foam core board does not provide a large enough white background.

I’ve been trying to improve my product photos for years, starting with painting the walls of my studio bright white, then buying this inexpensive studio lighting kit, and then buying a piece of white vinyl to use as a base for products.

With that gear, my setup looked something like this:

Janery Photo Backdrop Lighting Kit

It wasn’t bad, and that vinyl / light combo served me well for the last year.  However, I always had to roll out the vinyl on the table and nudge the table up to the corner to get a good white background.

The cumbersome nature of rolling it out somehow stopped me from taking photos as frequently as I would have liked.  I wanted to create a simpler solution, one that was bigger than the white piece of vinyl.

I came up with the idea to hang a bolt of vinyl on the wall so I could pull it straight down onto the table or floor, and have a seamless transition from horizontal to vertical. The vinyl aspect was important because I could easily brush lint off of it.

Janery Studio DIY Product Photo Backdrop

This weekend Ryan and I finally installed it, using two garage hooks, wood screws, and a large (1.5″) wooden dowel rod – all from Home Depot.  The vinyl is an 8-foot bolt from  The total cost of supplies was about $40.

The garage hooks were an ugly gray, so on a whim, I sanded them to rough the surface, then painted them gold using some gold leaf paint I had on hand.

Janery Studio Fabric Bolt Hook

Pardon the bad lighting, a result of nighttime photos!

I painted the edges of the wooden dowel rod white so that it would look better, not that it really matters.

Janery Studio Photo Backdrop Fabric Bolt Rod

Once the hooks were installed, I slid the bolt of vinyl over the wooden rod and set it on the hooks.  The vinyl can now be pulled down onto the table – or the floor – easily, and rolled right back up when I’m done.

Janery Studio Photo Backdrop White Vinyl Bolt

As a bonus, when I need to cut fabric from a bolt on my DIY bolt rack, I no longer have to roll the rack into the studio.  I simply remove the white vinyl from the wall holder, and put the bolt of whatever I’m cutting on it.

I’m really happy with this solution for both fabric cutting and product photography.  This week I’ll be taking all new product photos for the Janery website, which is actually launching soon!

From the Janery Studio: Springtime Pillows

After the beautiful weekend we enjoyed here in Virginia, I think spring has finally arrived for good. On Sunday we had family photos taken at a park, and on Saturday I took Maple and the poodle for a long walk around town. It was so nice to have the baby outside in the fresh air, finally!

I have a few pillows in stock at Janery that always make me think of the warmer months. They’re all made from a linen-cotton blend with the most whimsical outdoorsy prints, some of which I used in Maple’s nursery. When I first discovered this Japanese fabric designer several years ago, I knew her fabrics would be the inspiration for my future child’s nursery.

My square pillows are now available in three sizes – 18″, 20″, 22″ and come with the option to buy just the pillow cover or the cover with a USA-made pillow insert.

Janery Designer Pillow Geo Bird Neutral Invisible Zipper

The Geometric Modern Bird pillow in neutral inspired the mural, but hurry – there’s only one left!

Janery Pillow Geo Bird 2 Grape 1000sq

The Purple Geometric Modern Bird pillow is the same pattern as above, but with springtime colors.

Janery Pillow Forest Creatures 2 Natural 1000sq

And for the animal lovers, the Forest Animal pillow with cheetahs, lemurs, owls, and more creatures.

Janery Pillow Butterfly Cascade 3 1000sq

Finally, there’s only one Butterfly Cascade pillow left, and that makes me so sad! This is a favorite of mine.

Everything in my shop is handmade by me, and the pillow inserts are an awesome faux-down polyester made in a small factory here on the East Coast.