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Weekend Roundup: Handmade Holiday, Friends, and Holiday Decor

This weekend I freaked out when I realized Christmas was only two weeks away.

“No, Jane, it’s not two weeks away,” Ryan said in his infuriatingly calm voice.

“Yes it is! This is a disaster! We should have decorated last weekend, now it’s too late!”  I said.

“It’s more than two weeks,” Ryan argued.  ” It’s more like 16 days.”

Two weeks?  16 days?  Same thing.  Christmas is too close!

Clearly, I realized, Ryan had no understanding of the Crucial Christmas Curve.   In my imaginary little world, you must decorate approximately 3 weeks early, because you need to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible before Christmas.  Otherwise, I feel like, what is the point of all the change in decor?

I’ve had trouble getting into the Christmas feeling this year, simply because the weather has been so darn bipolar.  One day it’s 35 degrees, the next it’s 68 degrees and kids are walking to school, in December, in shorts!  What the heck, weather? 

I think my other hesitancy is that this year I’m trying to keep life more simple and more focused on projects that are useful in the long term, and Christmas decorating and projects seem so silly when I realize that we won’t even be able to be home for Christmas.

Every year we have to run around doing holidays with a million families in a million places.  I enjoy the time I spend in each part of Thanksgiving or Christmas, but at some point I’d really like to spend a holiday in our own home.

Christmas Decor Prep 2012 | The Borrowed Abode

In addition to having a mini-freakout about the proximity of the holiday, we made a whirlwind trip to Richmond to see 2 of my 3 Richmond BFFs while checking out a craft show.  My friend’s little guy has grown so much in the three months since he was born.

Ryan got major points, as usual, for being amazing with the baby.  Bottom left photo shows his calm demeanor when I handed him a screaming baby. (I freeze and don’t know what to do with a screaming baby.)

Richmond A-Team Dec 2012

My friends introduced me to an awesome new(ish) coffe source in Richmond:  Lamplighter Roasting Company. The delicious coffee, awesome outdoor space, and location in the heart of the Fan district means this will surely be my new go-to spot when I’m in RVA.

Lamplighter Coffee Roaster Richmond VA | The Borrowed Abode

Finally, my friends let me drag them to the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday Market as the last stop of our whirlwind visit.  I wanted to check it out because I’d love to apply for the spring show they do, but the booth space is only 4×6 feet – much smaller than my normal 10×10 foot space at outdoor shows.  I wanted to see the types of vendors, snag some holiday gifts, and figure out how on earth I could make the space work for my products.

The show was overflowing with unique and awesome artists.  I can’t wait to show you my many favorites later this week.

Richmond Handmade Holiday 2012 at Artscape | The Borrowed Abode

Now it’s your turn:  What did you do this weekend, and are you ready for any of the winter holidays?? 

I recently turned off the Disqus  commenting plugin I was using, so comments should be easier for you to use now.

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  • Reply Funnelcloud Rachel at 11:52 am

    Regarding the holiday stuff – I seriously think we share a brain! I feel the exact same way about Christmas. Despite all my recent Handmade Holiday posts, we still don’t have a tree yet and I’m started to feel a) panicked about it, and b) wondering what’s the point? I love Christmas trees and decorations, but the whole thing is kind of…silly. And time consuming. And I also totally agree about the traveling thing – Larry and I have a similar conversation about wanting to just stay home together for Christmas every year…

    And thanks so much for stopping by Handmade Holiday on Saturday and for bringing Ryan and your friends! I hope to see Janery vending at the spring show – no excuses! 😉

    • Reply Jane at 12:29 pm

      It was cool seeing you in Richmond. 🙂 We should go to Richmond to have an adventure at some point. And I hear you on the Christmas stuff. I feel like the only way to get “permission” to hold it at your own place is to have babies. What a price to pay! Lol.

  • Reply Sherry at 11:37 am

    Jane, we have not had a tree for many years. I decorate for Christmas according to my mood/tolerance level for ornamentation (which varies from year to year). If you won’t be home to enjoy it, and you feel stressed because time is short, just pull out a few things you love that will feel festive and not overwhelm your “things to do before Christmas” list.

  • Reply Jon at 10:11 am

    Christmas is always a time consuming and crazy time of year, whether it is because you’re trying to decorate and get everything right, or prepare meals, or buy presents, or try and please everyone on your list, but it is always worth it in the end. Our level of decoration goes up and down during the years, and as of late, we have become the central go to house for the families because we are right smack dab in the middle. As for decorating a tree and all that fun stuff? We’re damned to do it because we enjoy having it in the house even for the month or so it is up. Travelling with little ones as young as some folks have is not realistic because they need naps, have cribs, diaper changes, 35 feedings a day, etc… You don’t need permission to do anything at your own home or have babies to do it…

  • Reply Ryan at 1:24 am

    It was 18 days. That’s over 2.5 weeks and, if anything, is rounded up – not down. Don’t tell me that it’s two weeks til Christmas on December 7th. I can do my maths, lady!

  • Reply Kerrie at 5:13 pm

    YEAH Comments are back, Disqus is blocked at my office. Here is too a less hectic holiday for all.

    • Reply Jane at 7:48 am

      Hi Kerrie 🙂 I had to get rid of Disqus because of details that I think I’ll blog about. Nice to “see” you again! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday.

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