Weekend Roundup: Thanksgiving, in Three Parts

Time for a quick little Thanksgiving version of my Weekend Roundup.

The holiday was crazy busy and filled with lots of driving, but good.  Ryan and I had to fit in three Thanksgiving meals – two on Thursday, which involved driving between Delaware, Philly, New Jersey, the puppy ER* and back to Delaware. One with family friends on Saturday, at my parent’s house, which seems to have become an Official Family Tradition.

*Learned on Thanksgiving: Purses containing packs of gum should not be left in reach of Smart Poodles.  Turns out Xylitol is extremely harmful for animals, causing hypoglycemia and possible liver failure.

Friday my parents and I got to spend time with my brother and his kids.  Both his little baby son and his toddler daughter are awesome and adorable, but I’m better at hanging out with a toddler than with a baby – I think that’s why I took a million photos of my niece :) Thanksgiving Collage 2012

While she was visiting, I taught her how to Roll Down a Hill.  She thought it was the most awesome thing ever . . . even though she’d roll down and then go to great effort to roll back up :)

Thanksgiving 2012 Christmas Tree Brandywine Art Museum | The Borrowed Abode

We also visited the Christmas tree and train display at the Brandywine Art Museum, near Chadds Ford PA.  They have a wonderful collection of original Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth art, but my 8-mo-old nephew didn’t appreciate it.  Go figure.

The train display takes up a huge room and they have multiple train lines and all sorts of little towns set up. I had trouble photographing it because of the crowds.

Christmas Trains Brandywine Art Museum 2012 | The Borrowed Abode

At our family’s Saturday Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Pt 3, we had the usual. My mom pulled out her fall table linens, my grandma’s awesome china, and the crazy Pilgrim/Native/Turkey candles that we’ve used in holiday tablescapes for at least 30 years.

And then when we all sat down to eat the cat hopped up onto a chair, thinking she would join in the feast.

Classic.Thanksgiving Table Collage 2012 | The Borrowed Abode

So there you have it. Only a few of the highlights of our three Thanksgivings, belated though this may be.

How was your holiday? Do any of you have to do multiple holiday occurrences too?  We’re still not sure how to handle Christmas this year.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Thanksgiving, in Three Parts

  1. Patience

    I love the blue flowers (lilacs?) in the little Christmas tree. Unexpected and very pretty.

  2. Amy

    I love that museum. We saw it for the first time 14 years ago. Now my neice lives within an hour and we go everytime we are there. Both there and Longwood gardens.

  3. Funnelcloud Rachel

    Love this post – the pics of your dad and the grandbabies are too adorable! Also, Roll Down a Hill is a lot less fun in a yard full of dog poop. 😉

  4. Marguerite

    We have the turkey and 2 sets of your pilgrim candles plus an Indian . They aren’t as pristine as yours because my family has been using them each Thanksgiving for about50 years!

    Love, love, love your blog. I am originally from NO VA.

    1. Jane Post author

      HI Marguerite – Thanks so much for sharing! That’s pretty awesome that we both use those candles. As a child I never understood why my mom saved them instead of using them…but now I definitely appreciate it! Hello from NOVA :)


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