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Review: Two Guys and a Truck Movers

Before this last move, I swore I’d never move again until I could afford to hire movers.  With our busy schedules, we wanted the move to go quickly and painlessly.

We chose to hire Two Guys and a Truck for the move.  They were affordable, locally-owned, and came well recommended.

We chose to help them load the truck, because a) we can’t stand around and watch people work and b) the faster the move went, the cheaper it was.

If we wanted our glass items moved – such as my large mirrors and my Barcelona table – we had to sign a glass breakage waiver.  Which we did.  They then wrapped the items in heavy blankets, and put them into my car, where I figured they’d be a lot safer as compared to the large truck.

Speaking of large trucks, I’m proud to say that our stuff only occupied half of the moving truck, if that.

When I asked the movers, as they finished up, what I could have done to make the move go faster, they had one main suggestion: consolidate the smaller stuff into larger boxes.  In other words, one large and heavy box makes for faster moving than three loose lamps and several smaller boxes.  I’d packed for the pros the way I packed for previous self-propelled moves, leaving lamps and other medium-sized items loose, rather than enclosing them in large boxes.   Lesson learned.

But how cool is this guy’s moving technique?  He’d load up his back like a camel so that he could see where he was going.

We were pleased with how the move went.  The three guys were friendly and courteous, even if they found it odd that I was taking pictures of them as they worked.   I’d definitely recommend them as a budget-friendly moving service.

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