{Moving} Virtually unpacking the kitchen

It is with great joy and excitement that I announce to you:  This morning we signed the lease on the completely renovated 1000-sq ft ranch house that we fell hard for a few weeks ago.  Even more exciting?  Our landlord gave us the keys when we signed on Tuesday, even though we planned for May 1st occupancy.  Um, yeah – he’s pretty much awesome.

Now for the planning!

Excited about the fabulous kitchen, I used the text feature of Google Picasa to plan out where all our kitchen goodies would be stored.    With this handy guide, settling into this space will be a breeze.

Kitchen Organization

Only one dilemma:  where to store the plastic cutting sheets/boards.  I just can’t seem to find the right spot.  I guess I’ll spend 5 minutes figuring it out once I’ve unpacked everything else.

As for the other rooms – I’m still drafting floor plans for them, but moving furniture around is easy and fun.  So I don’t mind if they aren’t figured out prior to the move.

What do you think?  Is this over-the-top OCDness setting in?  Am I going to far in my pre-move planning, or is this sensible and efficient?  I love that not every shelf in every cabinet will be utilized immediately.  Hooray for empty spaces and good [supposed] fung shui.

10 thoughts on “{Moving} Virtually unpacking the kitchen

    1. Borrowed Abode

      Good point! I’ll be storing them in the pantry, and also in a cute little jar on the counter :)

  1. Erin

    Yea for an awesome kitchen with lots of cabinets! Cutting board ideas….I leave mine propped on the counter by the sink. I’m constantly using them (like 3x a day!) so they are always handy. A friend of mine has this: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30087148
    only flip it over on the counter next to your sink…then you’ve always got a place to chop!

  2. Kevin


    Where was Captain Awesome at, so that he could stop this insanity!! :)

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  4. Lynnette

    You could put them vertically in your Tupperware cabinet. At The Container Store, they have many organizational items to help you. One I found for your problem is:




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  6. Ginny Quilling

    I saw the coolest idea somewhere (I hope it wasn’t here that I saw it), if you have a tall enough cupboard to put them in – Use spring pressure curtain rods between the boards. I just keep mine upright agaimst the backsplash! Good luck.

    1. Jane Post author

      Hey Ginny! No worries. Let me know if you want all three comments deleted. Glad you were able to have success with the spring rod! I love that idea!


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