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Bedroom Makeover, part 5: Building nightstands

A brief update on our master bedroom makeover project:

This weekend Ryan and I built the frames of the two nightstands, based on the plans from the fabulous Ana at Knock-Off Wood.  We still need to attach the  feet and install the shelves, but after my deep thinking on Saturday I chose to not worry, because we’ll get them finished during this week.

That being said, we basically built two boxes this weekend.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we were able to put four boards together and make a rectangle.  Twice.

We were even able to countersink most of the screws, so that we can get a seamless finish, and we only broke one drill bit (hence the smaller hole in the photo below).

The drilling was a total breeze thanks to the fabulous new DeWalt drill that Ryan got.  I. Love. It.   The powerful new drill has totally left my cheap old $30 Ryobi drill in the dust.  It makes me want to build, build, build!  Now I just need a table saw. . .

Hopefully we can get to Home Depot tonight and be more successful than we were on our trip late Sunday night.  We needed one tool to proceed on the nightstand project, and we put it in the cart. . . and somehow left without purchasing it.  But as a wise man pointed out – no project, no matter how small, can be accomplished with only one trip to Home Depot.

All Thingz Related

What’s the rush?

One of my goals for my second year of blogging is to make things a bit more personal; write about me and my life just a little bit more.  I think it’s silly to try too hard to make your blog fit in a perfect box, when life itself does not work that way.  Part of what makes a house a home is the personalities and quirks of those who inhabit it.   And believe me, I have quirks to spare.  So expect a few more doses of these ramblings, filed under “thoughts on life.”


Do you ever have those moments where you are just so chill and happy, enjoying the present moments in life?  Not happy in a jumping-up-and-down with excitement way.  Not happy in an I-just-won-the-lottery way.  More like a quiet, peaceful, contentedness where you are just so relaxed and chill that nothing could bother you.

That happy contentedness flooded me Saturday morning, that led to much deep thinking.

I awoke early Saturday morning,despite staying up all too late the night before playing Dr. Mario on the Wii.  [Don’t. Even. Ask.]  I was beyond excited to have my second consecutive weekend at home in since the move, because it meant I had time to do all sorts of projects.  However, I didn’t feel rushed to get started at all.

Walking the mile to my local farmers’ market was sweaty work, but still enjoyable.  With so many beautifully landscaped homes in my town, walks always give me something to look at.  I don’t usually love new construction, but the newer homes in Vienna were built in a gorgeous vintage craftsman style, blending perfectly with the grand older homes.

Oh, the vegetables spilling out onto the tables at more than a dozen vendors’ stalls were just oozing with delicious ripeness.  I had to be careful not to buy too many, keeping in mind that there were only two of us to feed, not to mention that I had to carry my organic bounty home.

Ah, the fresh veggies of summer.

On that walk home, I realized I felt great.  And when I spotted a bird energetically cleaning himself in a deep puddle, in a manner so humorous and clumsy that  I couldn’t help but giggle out loud, I stopped to enjoy the show.  What harm was there in taking a moment – less than one minute, even – to enjoy the world around me?  It was worth every second.  And when he flew away, I continued my walk home – thinking how often we see something like that bird, and rush by it, thinking we’re too busy to take that moment.

When I reached my house, I set down my groceries, and turned on the sprinkler.  I ran through it a few times, feeling a bit childish, but not minding in the least.  Cooled down and face rinsed, I unpacked my veggies and set off on a day of errands and projects.   It was during those errands that all these thoughts  came to me.  I’m always rushing from task to task, wanting to do things right now! Immediately!

And what’s the rush?  I can always finish building those nightstands tomorrow.

As for you all – have a great end of weekend, and don’t forget to take some time to smell the flowers; fall will be here before we know it.

Loving the variety of heirloom cherry tomatoes.

Bedroom Inspiration

When I stumbled across this Coastal Living bedroom on My Home Ideas, I couldn’t help but share it.  I love it.  Everything about it.   From the funky yellow lamps, to the perfectly coordinated art above the bed, and the striped rug that – amazingly enough – really does work with the room.

I think what I love overall about this space is that it still has a serene, calm feel to it even with the little splashes of bright color.

Bedroom Makeover, part 4: Fabric ideas

I’m hell bent on finding the perfect va-va-voom fabric for my bedroom drapes, so I went ahead and ordered a bunch of samples from  Here’s a peek, then at the bottom I’ll tell you what I’m leaning towards.

Shantung Bangelore Tan

Waverly Matelasse Tonga Snow

Dupioni Silk Iridescent Ice Blue

Waverly Sally Embroidered Stripe Nest

Waverly Matelasse Checked Out Frost

Dupioni Silk White Hyacinth

Premier Prints Barber Taupe/Robin

Dupioni Silk Iridescent

Shimmer Back Shantung Light Blue

Dupioni Silk Iridescent Aqua Chameleon

Now It’s possible that drapes sewn from the Premier Prints Barber Taupe/Robin, topped with a thick, 12″ border of the plain white Dupioni silk would be sweet. But I’m not sure I want a pattern.  I’m still leaning towards a simple set of plain silk drapes.

Either way, that Taupe/Robin pattern will probably be purchased just for throw pillows.