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An Inexpensive DIY Winter with Inspiration From Vintage DIY Projects

Hello, November – how did you get here so quickly? I’m having a hard time accepting that the new year is less than 60 days away.

I’m officially dubbing this the winter of inexpensive DIY projects, because thanks to Charlie we won’t have any extra cash sitting around for major decorating expenses.  But that’s ok.  I have a shed full of curbside furniture that I need to reupholster / revitalize once and for all, and I have  a million little organizing and DIY projects that I have never gotten around to.

Because I’ve seen DIY evolve in the blog world over the last few years, I feel like it’s just recently become popular.  But this book reminded me that DIY was a big deal even in earlier decades.  And, like many projects we see today, some of the vintage projects make you say  “What the Hell?!” while others seem applicable to modern times.

Um. . . upholstered bed, anyone?

Better Homes & Gardens Retro DIY Projects Upholstered Bed

I love the huge stripey painting in the background, and I have a big old canvas that needs repurposing. . .

Better Homes & Gardens Retro DIY Projects DIY Painting


Cutout felt window treatments? So creative! I love it!Retro DIY Projects3

Turning an old brass crib into a little sofa seems like a genius idea! I never thought I’d say this, but I really like how the brass frame looks against the blue wall. Better Homes & Gardens Vintage DIY Projects Repurposed Crib

Concrete outdoor tables.  This is a concept that has definitely remained popular, but this image inspired me to add it to next spring’s outdoor “to do” list.  I love how simple and functional they are, perfect for around our fire pit.Better Homes & Gardens Vintage DIY Projects Cement Tables

Ten points to Better Homes and Gardens for sharing a DIY furniture-building project with women in the 70s.  Girl power!  Plus, it’s still totally fabulous in 2013.Better Homes & Gardens Vintage DIY Projects Slatted Bench

This hanging fabric room divider is a genius idea for small spaces.  Renters, take note!Better Homes & Gardens Vintage DIY Projects Fabric Room Divider

Usually I’d ramble more, but I’m feeling inspired to get back to my blogging roots with some budget-friendly DIYs this winter.  I hope you’ll join me!

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Beatiful Spaces: The Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego

I travel a lot for work.  Some trips take me to more exciting locales than others, and only some can be shared on this blog.  This week I was in beautiful San Diego for a Navy & Defense conference.  What you see on social media is the fun stuff, but in reality it’s a pretty intense week of work.  The days are often 12 hours long, and that’s a lot of socializing for this introvert.  I try to really give the small businesses my undivided attention, but it zaps my energy.  By the end I’m like a social zombie.

But there are some perks to this particular trip each year, such as the chance to stay at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn.  I’ve always wanted to share it on the blog; this time I actually brought my camera to capture a little of the decor and landscaping. :)

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego12

The main entrance of the Inn.

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego13

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego03

I love the built-in seating around the fireplace.

The Inn is comprised of several buildings spread out over the rolling property.  There is fabulous decor in the covered porch/walkway to the other buildings.

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego04 Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego05

Looking down at my building from a winding path:Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego17

The rooms are actually a bit peculiar, what with the light-up, angled, platform bed – but it is very comfortable and the linens are fab, so who cares, right?Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego10

Plus, with all the rooms leading out through shutters onto breezy balconies, I’m not complaining.Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego08

This time my room overlooked the spa and spa pool (one of three at the resort):Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego09Dinner at the restaurant is held on a beautiful terrace that overlooks the golf course, and only gets more gorgeous as the sun sets.

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego01

In the evenings they light the fires in the many outdoor fireplaces throughout the property. Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego19

And, at night, the paths come alive with romantic lantern light – my favorite feature of all.  I love how they use the same lanterns consistently through the property – on furniture, along paths, and hanging from trees.  Many trees.  It is truly magical to walk the paths at night.Rancho Bernardo Lanterns

Yep, occasionally there really are some sweet perks to my job.  But don’t get me started on some of my other, less glamorous,  hotel experiences, like the one that followed this stay.  :)

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Branding Inspiration: I’m getting a makeover!

Last night I did something super exciting.  Like, I-had-dreams-about-it-all-night exciting. Are you ready for it?

I finally met with the graphic designer / branding genius whom I’ve hired to rebrand my shop, my blog, and everything in between.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking “what’s she smoking? that’s not so exciting”  :)  But for me it honestly is.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year, but every time I’d start I’d chicken out.  Or be indecisive in what I wanted. 

So why the change and the sudden motivation?  Because believe it or not, I really am about to start selling my much-delayed dog beds, and I want my new brand to be all over that when it happens, especially becuase I’ll really be marketing that product.

It just so happens that my new look will be here in time for fall and winter shows, too – which rocks my boat.  In the mean time, here’s some color isnpiration that I am absolutely head over heels with:

Coral Gray Gold Color Palette via 315 Design

Via 315 Design

Navy Coral Gold Palette via Weddings Illustrated

Via Weddings Illustrated

Emily Wedis Photography Coral Gray Logo

By 315 Design

If you like what you see, check out my Gorgeous Websites pinterest board for more eye candy!  In the mean time, do you have any tips on working with a graphic designer?

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