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Modern, Rustic Design Inspiration at Three Ships Coffee Roasters

During our trip to Virginia Beach, Ryan and I tried out some new coffee shops and coffee roasters.  We do this on every trip we take, and it’s always exciting when we stumble on a roaster with some really interesting coffees.  Three Ships Coffee Roaster Virginia Beach

Three Ships Coffee Roasters in Virginia Beach is definitely one of those finds for us!  Their cold brew coffee was among the best I’ve ever had – citrusy and fruity, and absolutely no need for cream. Also, they had killer ham biscuits.

Three Ships Coffee Roaster Ham Biscuit

But I’m not here to wax poetic about coffee today.  I also loved their rustic modern decor that had just the right amount of kitschy ship and captain items mixed in.

I fell hard for this rope and board hanging shelf unit!  It’s rustic but not country, at least in my opinion.  And totally DIY-able! Sadly, Ryan fails to be impressed by this inspiration. Three Ships Coffee Roaster Virginia Beach Hanging Plant Shelf

I also loved the chunky wood shelves.  This is not a new style, but it worked so well.  From a retail perspective, I also noticed a little detail – the small signs about the different coffee beans all had a bit of humor in the detail. It caused us to read all the descriptions carefully, when we might otherwise not have.

Three Ships Coffee Roaster Virginia Beach Chunky Wood Floating Shelves

Finally, I really liked the black painted wood plank wall  in the back by the roaster.  This style is a little unusual, but the black really makes the wood wall pop. Also, I’m pretty sure we had those bar stools in my woodshop class in middle school. . . it’s funny how basic they are, yet they really work in the space.

Three Ships Coffee Roaster Virginia Beach bar

We tried another coffee shop on the same day, and it couldn’t have been a more different aesthetic.  It was large and shiny and new, and trying to be awesomely modern,  but there was no personality.  It looked like they had a huge budget to buy all new, contemporary furniture.  I’ll take a more eclectic, thrifted look any day over all shiny and new.

Now I’m off to try and convince Ryan I should put some rope shelves in the living room . . .

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