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Updated Rental Home Tour: Basement stuff

So far on the rental home tour we’ve covered two of the basement rooms:  the guest-room-turned-Janery-studio and the family room.

There are a few other spaces left to cover:  the workroom, the bathroom, and the random nook that from which these rooms stem. It’s a little bizarre, so I made a floor plan (not quite to scale) to show you the layout:

The Borrowed Abode Basement Floor Plan

The space has some quirks to its layout, but it also provides a ton of function.  My least favorite spot is the laundry area, because it’s even smaller than it appears in my not-measured floor plan, but as a renter I won’t complain. I’m just happy to have laundry in my own home.

Guest Bath

The second full bath comes complete with a whirlpool tub. So awesome. This room won’t be truly decorated until I run out of other projects in this abode, but it looks good enough for now, thanks to the tile work and all new fixtures.



Bathroom Projects & Sources:

  • Towel rack: stolen from my mom :)
  • Towels:  Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Shells & Driftwood in window: Various beaches

Laundry Nook

Our laundry area is the most cramped space in the house.  After living with it for three years I have decided that, if we owned the house, I’d move the laundry over to the “Pet Feeding Area” because that slightly larger nook would allow me to make a really nice laundry space.

I may tackle this space in the coming fall or winter.  I do have some ideas for slightly more functional storage, and perhaps making the nook prettier.

For now, though, a galvanized metal tub holds rags (we don’t use paper towels, so we need plenty of rags) and the cleaning solutions and “dog towels” are also on the shelf.


Pet Feeding Station

In the odd little nook between the TV room and the guest bath, I created a pet feeding station, complete with a pet pharmacy. Eager to create even more function for the space, I then built a work table that does double duty as kitty litter camouflage.


Workshop & Storage Space

We also have a great storage room / workshop in our basement. In addition to providing storage for our camping gear, paint supplies, tools, and extra decor, there’s plenty of work space left over for my carpentry projects.


You can find a more detailed video tour and explanation of our first round of organizing here.

In case you missed it, here are the other parts of the Updated Rental House Tour:

Basement Work Room: Before & After

This weekend I spent most of my Sunday working on a huge organizing project.  You see, my basement work/storage room was in need of an intervention.  When we moved in, we started using it as backup storage space for the odds and ends we weren’t sure what to do with.  Then over the last 8 months it morphed into a big pile of odds and ends, and because I was planning to organize it, I didn’t bother putting things in there neatly.  The end result was a hot mess.

But before I dove in, I decided to thoroughly level with you guys, making a video of the disastrous “before.”  That’s right, I’m putting all my cards on the table, showing you just how messy I can get.

So that’s what the space looked like before. Here’s the result of 8 hours of hardcore organization:  (In the video I said 6 hours, but when I got upstairs and saw the clock, I realized it had been a full 8. Wowzers.  But it was time well spent, for sure.)

Yes, I really did put down a Kilim rug in my basement work room.  It was just sitting in a heap, because it needs a good cleaning (and because – for reasons I can’t understand – Ryan really doesn’t like the rug.) So I might as well enjoy it down here.  I love, love, love it – so it’s not getting sold on Craigslist anytime soon.

We had a ton of paint, all left behind by the contractor who renovated the house.  I did my best to match the different neutral colors to the walls they were used on, then labeled them all using painter’s tape and a sharpie so that touch ups are a bit faster. I also collected all my little painting tools in a plastic bin, and then put all my wood refinishing tools in another bin, and finally corralled the spraypaints in a shoebox.

I really needed to make room for a work table, because some of the items I’m making for my Etsy shop require painting and hammering and nailing, and general mess-making.  And because I didn’t have a pet-free work space, those projects were delayed. Now I’ve got that pet-free, paint-splatter-proofed space where the magic can happen.

A bit about that table:  we scored that baby on Craigslist for only 10 bucks this summer.  Originally it was meant as the game/puzzle table for the TV room, but because it expands all the way to 7 feet wide, and is totally beat up and un-refinishable, we decided it would work well as my project table.

Wondering what’s with that wax paper?  I tape pieces of it together to create a protective surface on which to ModPodge and paint things.  Because it’s wax paper, the paint doesn’t stick.

As mentioned in the video, I used this shelf (that I built for my office in my old condo) to create an impromptu “charging station” for our tool batteries, etc.  There’s two more plugs, so we can always add more battery chargers to the mix.

Because this wall was a blank canvas, I figured I might as well hang all my decor items.  Not only do they make the space a bit more friendly, they also show me exactly what I have to work with when decorating.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Academy point out that I had some wonderfully useful supervision and assistance from my hardworking canine collective.