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Basement Makeover, Part 1: Let’s re-think EVERYTHING.

I have a hard time keeping secrets from you all, but for the last two weeks I managed not to tell you that Ryan was in California for work.  Again.   I missed him – the house was way too quiet, and I may or may not have found myself talking to the dogs. . .but I found myself super focused and productive.  So that’s the silver lining to that cloud.

Last Sunday, when I was alone in the house all freakin’ day and night, I’d sat quietly sewing for most of the day. As night fell, I got this huge burst of “I must tackle decor projects now!” energy.   The two victims of this energy?  The dining room (which you already know about) and the basement.

The basement rec room is where we relax and watch movies, especially in the colder months when we’re less likely to go outside and play.  So, like the dining room, it’s time to make it awesome.

The challenge for me?  This is where my experiences renting tiny and awkward spaces get in the way of my success:  I’m not used to having the luxury of “extra” unneeded space that I get stumped on how to use it.  And I certainly do not want to buy furniture and decor I don’t need just for the sake of decorating.

Basement Rec Room: Before

When we first set the space up we assumed that “naturally” the entertainment center should go between those two support posts and the sofa would go opposite.  That left two wide spaces on either side feeling rather vacant, but not totally useable.  See above.

Ryan recently had the great idea to divide the space into two, Continue reading

Congrats to Jane and Janery!

Hey all, Julia here. I have hijacked the blog again – this time with fun news – a  Janery review!

Jenn at A Home in the Making paid  Janery a lovely compliment today, and I wanted to bring your attention to this sweet mention. Jenn has a chic living room with tones of yellow, blue, and brown. We’d be thrilled if you jump on over to Jenn’s blog, say hey, and read the review of Janery pillow covers (because we here at TBA are super proud of Jane for all her hard work!)

Jenn, you have a gorgeous living room!

Congratulations Jane! Your work is really lovely.

A special sale just for Borrowed Abode readers!

Hey all! Just in case you didn’t see the announcement on Facebook or Twitter late last week, I wanted to remind you that my friend Katie is offering up a special sale in her journal shop, Gadanke, just for Borrowed Abode readers!

Until midnight tonight, central mountain time, you’ll receive 10% your entire purchase with the code  10JANE   !

It’s a great chance to grab some early holiday gifts, or to snag a Joy to the World {Christmas journal} for your family to create together this holiday season.


Table Topics, part 2: Dining Space Layout Dilemmas

Monday, when I shared my update on the hunt for a perfect dining table, I loved how so many of you were quick to chime in with great ideas and advice!  Seriously, it’s one of the things I love most about the blogging community – the way we’re able to share ideas and collaborate.

The funny thing was, once I asked for ideas, and as I responded to the comments – I realized just how set I’d become on the idea of going to a store and buying a table just to get it over with.

So I’d like to briefly apologize to all of you who went to the effort to share ideas.  Because I feel bad that I’d already made up my mind – I just didn’t realize it at the time. :/  Oops!

Several of you suggested using that we build our table to suit our space and our needs.  Ryan and I had tossed that idea around a while back, because we do love the fact that we can create just what we need if we want to.  But we decided against building for a few reasons:

  • We’ve got several pieces of furniture that we really, really want to build – simply because there is no other perfectly customized option out there.  I won’t spill the beans on what they are just yet, though. Suffice to say that we just don’t have the bandwidth to add another building project to our list, especially between now and our wedding in 2012.
  • If we built a table, I’d really want to have the top as one huge solid piece of wood . . . and a piece that size would be very expensive.

Anyway, I think we’re going to buy a table, and buy it new no less. But that means we’ve go to figure out how to make it work in this somewhat awkward, small, and narrow dining space:

To figure out which table sizes would work in the space, and where they’d work, I grabbed my painter’s tape and tried out a few options: Continue reading