What The Hell? The Proposed Abode?!?

Dear readers,

You are now part of the inner circle of people aware that I will be proposing to our lovely host of the Borrowed Abode. If all has gone according to plan, she is clueless as to my intentions for whisking her away on this camping trip. Barring any problems (such as she comes to her senses) (or gets eaten by a bear) (or a hunting accident) she will be returning home engaged.

Do not try to contact her. It will be futile.  We already agreed on a communication blackout for the weekend. If that doesn’t work I will be eating her phone. And the buzzing would make me uncomfortable.

All I have to add at this point is that the blog will probably get a lot more interesting in the next few months…and I’m awesome.

Wish me luck!


Psst:  Curious to hear how it all turned out?  Or maybe you just want to see the ring? Hop right over here!

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