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2011 Rental Decorating Ideas Roundup

As one of my goals for 2011 was to discuss more rental decorating ideas on The Borrowed Abode, I thought it fitting to usher in the new year with a roundup of our most popular rental-related posts from 2011.  But if you’re a homeowner, you can peek too – because all of these ideas could be used in your homes, too!

Of course, our whole house is rented – so anything I blog about doing here is most likely landlord-approved.  (You’ll never read about a kitchen renovation on this blog!) But these are topics we tackled for those of you who have more difficult or restrictive landlords. Continue reading

{Decorating Dilemma} Should I move my sewing studio?

Just when I thought I had everything figured out in our house, my brain had to go and get another idea.

Should I move my sewing studio to the basement, and put it where I’m currently in the process of setting up a reading nook / computer & crafting station?

I already determined that moving my computer to the basement, and away from my sewing studio, was a good move. I needed to separate blogging and sewing.   But now I’m wondering if I should have accomplished it by putting my studio in the basement, and leaving the upstairs as my computer office / dressing room. Continue reading

Guest Posted: My Favorite Things

I’m a little late announcing this, becuase my computer died while I was on holiday, but last Friday I was given the honor of a guest posting spot over at Design Build Love!

The topic? My Favorite Things.  Every other guest blogger had a fabulous list of their faves in one category (and you should totally check them out) . . . but me? Nope.   I decided to just let ‘er rip with my most favorite things across the spectrum. So hop on over and check it out, especially if you’re wanting a peek at what I’m just crazy about.

Thanks, Ashley, for inviting me!