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Secondhand Score: Vintage Glassware & Powertools

Check out these vintage cocktail glasses – a sweet $5 score from this past weekend’s visit to Virginia Bazaar!

inenexpensive glassware

There were four of them in the set:

Inexpensive glassware


I love the almost cheesy gold and teal design, perhaps because I imagine they’re the sort of glass I’d see in the hands of James Bond.

And they were just the touch I needed to add to my glassware collection in my cabinet:

DIY glassware display

On a side note, I also scored a much-needed reciprocating (I think) saw and a small staple gun, all for the grand total of $8!

Window Shopping: Ikea

Sunday afternoon the boyfriend and I wrapped up a weekend of thrifting, flea-marketing, and yardsaling with a stop at Ikea.  Here’s a snapshot (or six) of some fun finds (that I did not purchase).

First off, I found a potential solution to my living room design dilemma!  As I mentioned before, the Ikea Lack shelves don’t come in the right wood finish for my space.  After considering using black-brown and embracing the color difference, I realized I’m too hell-bent on matching wood tones.  Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to find what I’ll call “almost-floating shelves.”  Supported by just a two low-profile brackets, the shelves offer the clean appeal of floating shelves with (I think) a bit more stability.  And between the four wood tones offered (not to mention white, black, yellow, red ) there’s sure to be one for your room.

(Sadly, I can not for-the-life-of-me locate them on the website.)


Next up:  If you like the clean lines, round tapered legs, and warm golden wood of  mid-century / danish modern furniture, but don’t want to sort through yard sales and thrift stores and antique markets to find [probably beat up] pieces, then Ikea’s Stockholm tables should make you a happy camper.  They also come in the ever-popular black-brown finish, in case you want to have the vintage lines in modern colors.

Ikea_Stockholm Coffee

On a less modern note, you can embrace your inner princess at this modern yet classic vanity table.  (There’s a matching bedroom set, too, btw.)  It’s made even more exciting with the small faux-crystal chandelier suspended over the right side.  (Sorry, bad photo, so you can’t see it very well.)  But what a great way to jazz up an otherwise mundane morning routine!

DIY Glam


Wonderful Whites:   If you’re as into white vases and decor items as I am right now, then you may be excited by Ikea’s array of options.  They accessory area was just overflowing with them!  I especially liked the Sockerart pitcher (which comes in three sizes, starting at $6.99) Ikea_Sockerart Pitcher

and this collection of small bud vases (only $1.99 each!)Ikea_Farm Vases

What are some of your current faves at Ikea this fall?

Secondhand Score: Vintage Cake Tin & Stoneware

I am just so excited about some recent thrift-store finds that I had to squeeze in a quick post about them before bed.

Check out this cute and functional tin cake serving and storing dish.  I have no idea exactly how old it is or what it’s supposed to be called – all I know is that I thought it was precious!  At $4, how could I not purchase it?

Vintage Finds

Secondly, I couldn’t resist this large vintage dinnerware set from the late 1970’s:  Lenox Temperware in the Sprite Pattern.  Priced at only $10, it was a steal for that number of dishes!  They’re heavy and sturdy and I just loooove the cute and whimsical floral pattern!   Bonus:  they claim to be freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe.  I’ve tested the dishwasher part already, and they passed with flying colors.

Lennox Temperware

Until now I’ve kept things simple with just four place-settings of my favorite Denby stoneware.  However, they’re pretty pricey and although I’ve never had a casualty there’s always the chance.  So it will be nice to use these most days, especially when entertaining groups outside. (Yay – no more need for plastic or paper plates!)

Lennox Temperware

Now, after a moment’s research on, I am jonesing for the matching casserole dishes and this coffee pot:

Midcentury Stoneware

I also scored a cute old hat box for $2.  Photos of that will come later when I reveal m vintage hat collection.  Until then, happy thrifting!


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Secondhand Score: Can You Shed a Little Light?

Hello readers, I’m hoping one of you can share a little light on this situation.  So to speak.

On the 4th of July, as my boyfriend and I were trolling through a New Jersey flea market, we spotted this awesome lamp. Our eyes lit up like – well, like lamps.


White and smoky grey plastic with chrome.  And a little tray table.  How awesome is that?

Vintage Lamp

Obviously he scored it for his place.  I now call it the alien lamp, because its shade reminds me of futuristic alien movies.

But we know nothing about it.  So I ask you, has anyone seen this lamp?  Does anyone know when it was made or by whom?  We’re guessing between 1950 and 1980.

Vintage Lamp

I must say it looks fantastic with his grey Ikea couch and red accent wall.

That’s it for today.  Can’t wait to share my weekend thrifting, yardsaling, flea-marketing, and Ikea-ing adventures with you in the next few days!

PS: I’m participating in Today’s Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality. Please check out Rhoda’s great blog (her super cute office nook inspired me to finally create my new office) as well as the ideas shared by participants!