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Basement TV Room Makeover: Searching for a Large Rug

Now that the Janery studio makeover is complete, I’m ready to tackle the Basement TV Room with my creative energy. It’s is a long, tiled room that takes up most of the basement real estate.

I’ve started and stopped work on it in the past, because our needs for the space kept changing as the Janery workspace was growing.  Now that Janery is (mostly) confined to a separate space, we can finally decorate the basement.

Here is what it looked like when it was last photographed:

Basement Family Room | The Borrowed Abode

Basement Family Room 2 | The Borrowed Abode

One of the first elements we need is a large rug.  And by large, I mean 10 x 12 feet.  We tried an 8×10 in the past, but it wasn’t ideal in the large space between the sofa and the TV cabinet.

Ryan and I have considered a few options:

  • FLOR tiles – I love that they’re made in the USA, recyclable, and totally customizable.  And repositionable, making them great for renters who move a lot. But they’re not cheap.
  • One of the many awesome large rugs from West Elm or CB2.  The ones I love are not cheap. Also, many rugs from major retailers are ethically questionable.
  • One of the gorgeous, ethical rugs from The Rug Company. Again, not cheap.
  • DIY a rug out of a plain white Ikea rug.
  • A cheap, plain, dark rug from Home Depot.  (Been there, done that. Not my favorite option.)

We’re reluctant to invest in a nice rug for the space, because my cat Aretha is a little . . . weird.  She occasionally pees on the rug or the dog bed in the basement.  (One of the many reasons why the Charlie Cushions coming to Janery in May will be waterproof.)  She’s on Prozac now and it doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, but we have thrown out two rugs in the past because of this.

FLOR tiles could still be an option, because if one got peed on we could soak it in the enzyme cleaner to really get it clean, all the way through.  A 10×12 rug would cost $350 for the cheapest option, so I’m going to see if I can come up with some cheaper options before I agree to lay out the cash for the rug.

Updated Rental Home Tour: Basement Family Room


The finished basement practically doubles the size of our otherwise small ranch home, with a spare bedroom, a second full bath, a workshop, a laundry corner, and a family room. It also proves that we have more space than we have time to decorate.

We would like to really decorate the family room, but other projects keep kicking that to the bottom of the to-do list.


You may notice a few things have changed since I last shared this space.  The biggest change is that  my sewing table has moved into my studio, freeing up this corner of the basement.

DSC_0188 DSC_0191 Family Room Details & Sources:

  • Vintage map, tiny round table, vintage floor lamp (top photo) – Just L Modern Vintage
  • White club chairs – flea market
  • Pillows & Dog Bed – Janery
  • Dresser – side of the road
  • TV Console – consignment shop
  • Coffee Table – yard sale
  • Sofa – Ikea; Cover by ComfortWorks
  • Black & White Wall Art – Things That Are Awesome by Funnelcloud Studio
  • Pets – various streets in Richmond, VA


Goodbye Guest Room, Hello Janery Studio

In April I shared the Guest Room “Reveal” – in quotes because it wasn’t a finished in my mind – and told you I was taking the room apart.  If you guessed that I was clearing the space out to turn it into a dedicated workspace fro Janery, you guessed right.

For the longest time I was pondering the idea of transforming the guest room into my Janery studio, since Janery is something I spend time on every week, and guests are only occasional.  I think that’s why I was so unmotivated to finish decorating the guest room, because in my gut I felt it wasn’t the right use of the space.

Having my Janery studio share space with our basement TV room has been a total disorganized disaster.  I think it’s mostly psychological, but I have really had trouble working in that combo lounge/business space over the last year.

Then, when my first big bolts of fabric showed up needing a large storage rack, I realized that it was time to get serious.

With that in mind, I emptied the room a few weeks ago, and set about transforming it into a sensible workspace.  This fun ensued, but then you always have to have chaos before you create order:Basement Mess1

I moved my sewing table and storage into the space, using this floor plan.  My sewing table is quite large for the space, and if it gets to be too much I have a back up plan for turning it into an expandable yet smaller table.

Janery Studio Floor Plan

Then I set about building massive 10-foot shelves for part of the space.  It was quite an adventure that is still in progress, because it didn’t turn out right the first time:

Building Shelves1

Depending on how much I can finish before we leave for Italy, I’m looking forward to sharing the progress with you over the next few weeks.

It’s not finished yet, but already I know the change was right.  Not only do I now have a truly pet-free studio, I can enter the room, close the door, and know that it’s work time.

Project Updates: New Desk, New Chairs, Basement Mess

I remember how, in my first year of blogging, sometimes I’d want to write a blog post but I had nothing to share.  Gone are those days. . . and here are the days where I have so much I want to write about, so many projects I want to share with you – yet not enough hours in the day to document them all. Oh, how I sometimes wish I had the luxury of being a full-time blogger, so I could just do projects and write all day long.

But since that’s not the case, here’s a taste of all the projects where I’ve left you hanging.  I’m slowly putting together detailed posts for them.

My second set of Roadside Danish Modern Dining Chairs:  Finished!!  Eek, I am so excited to have completed this project.  Ryan can no longer say “you never upholster the furniture you drag in off the side of the road.”  I am slowly working on a tutorial, complete with a video, for how I fixed the chairs. 

Mid-Century Danish Modern Dining Room | The Borrowed AbodeThe only problem now is Ryan’s penchant for doing 3,000 piece puzzles on our dining table.  Kind of screws up my ability to serve dinners and/or do tablescapes.

My next crowning glory is the building of my rustic farmhouse desk:

DIY Pottery Barn Desk | The Borrowed Abode

Again, a tutorial is in progress.  I’m trying to create actual building plans in Google Sketchup, but in the mean time may have to give you a general process rather than detailed sketches.

With my desk built and stained, my office is in the final stages of completion, and it’s just as exciting as the completion of the dining chairs.  Next projects in here are cord control, a charging station, and hanging some art.  Rustic Farmhouse DIY Desk | The Borrowed Abode But don’t go thinking it’s all rainbows and unicorns over here at the Borrowed Abode. Thanks to my removing the guest room, our basement currently looks like a bomb hit it.  That bomb would be me.

Basement Mess

Actually, the other half of my office does too.  I’m currently debating whether or not a yard sale would be worth the time and effort.  The reason it may not be is because spending a Saturday morning working on Janery may be more financially rewarding than haggling over  a 50-cent box of books.

What kind of projects are you working on?  With spring in the air it means it’s warm enough to spraypaint outdoors again!!