A Lesson on Following Command Adhesive Rules

The other day the baby was snoozing in the bathroom as I was getting dressed. I bring her rocker in there when I shower so that the steam can help her congestion.

Suddenly I heard a crash.

I rushed towards the bathroom, yelling at the Poodle because if something  crashes it’s usually her fault!   (She claims she can’t help herself – she’s still practically a puppy.)  This time the fault was all mine.

Bathroom Command Strip Fail

My Owl art from Funnelcloud Studio was on the floor, and the glass from the frame was shattered in a million pieces.  I was so thankful that Maple’s rocker was on the other side of the small room, and that it was elevated off the ground.  The thought of shattering glass hitting her was scary.

Bathroom Owl Art Shattered

So what happened?  I accidentally kept the vent fan turned off when I showered, and the condensation was beading on the walls.  I’d hung the framed art using Command Adhesive strips, which I’ve always loved and trusted.

Bathroom Wall Condensation

There’s a reason that Command makes special water-resistant adhesive strips for the bathroom and other high-humidity places.  It’s so your art won’t fall off the walls and almost put your baby’s eye out when you use your bathroom as an over-sized vaporizer.

Let’s review the lessons I learned that day:

  1. It’s not always the Poodle’s fault.
  2. Rachel’s art is sturdy, but frames from Michael’s aren’t.
  3. I should buy the baby a vaporizer.
  4. Always use the bathroom vent fan.

Oh, and I guess there’s one more . . .

Use Command Bathroom strips for hanging art in your bathroom – or, better yet, just suck it up and put a nail in the wall.

Sapling Status: 3 Months

Oh boy!  This has been a talkative and wiggly month!

While every month with Maple has been amazing, this was the most interactive one yet.  Before having a baby, I didn’t realize how quiet and reserved they were during the first few weeks.  Watching her develop into an alert little human is so interesting.Maple's First Easter

Easter was so exciting!  She wasn’t even aware it was happening, but it was exciting for us grownups, and the grandparents.  Maple got her first Easter basket and I used the holiday as an excuse to get her an outfit (not pictured, unfortunately) from a boutique I love.We have learned that Maple gets fussy at night, especially if she hasn’t had a solid nap at home during the day. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking her on lots of errands, thinking that her snoozes in the car and in people’s arms will suffice – but in reality, I don’t think they do.  I think that Maple needs quiet time to truly rest during the day.

No matter what, Maple falls asleep by 8 or 9 and is out for the night.  I wake her up when I go to bed at midnight, and that’s when she moves from the crib to our bed.  She does eat around 5 am, but she and I remain mostly asleep for it, thanks to co-sleeping.

Maple Vintage Baby Bonnet

Rocking the vintage baby bonnet that I wore as a baby.

We take our time getting up most mornings, because Maple loves to wiggle on the bed talking to the ceiling fan.  You can see an example of this here:  Instagram or Facebook.  She has really become a talker (like me, perhaps?) and I’ve been told she’s a really happy baby.  What I do know is that she spends a lot of time babbling and gurgling and smiling, and I am very thankful she doesn’t spend much time crying for an unknown reason.

We have run into a small problem where Maple won’t take the bottle well anymore – she prefers the real thing.  I enjoy nursing, but it would be less stressful if I knew she would take a bottle for Ryan.  He wants to help with feedings, but she just won’t let him!

I’m torn on the issue.  On the one hand, I’d like to be able to occasionally go out in the evening, but she has meltdowns right before falling asleep for the night.  On the other hand, I recognize that this time in her life is fleeting, so is it really the end of the world if I’m more tied down for the next few months? Probably not.Maple Cloth Diaper

Oh! Now that she’s finally broken 10#, she fits into cloth diapers.  That transition was easy and we’re happy with the Gro-Via Hybrids.  We have a dozen Bum Genius All-In-Ones that we will use when she’s a little larger. Right now they’re still too big and bulky for her.

My life as her mom:

I’m still having a blast!  I had no idea I’d enjoy motherhood so much. I’m not super social right now, in part due to her bottle avoidance and in part due to my state of mind.  Maybe it’s the tiredness, or maybe it’s a result of having a little person dependent on me all of the time.  I’ve come to value “alone time” even more.  Anyway, though I’m not doing a lot with other people, I have a balance that I’m happy with for now.

Every week I get better at fitting work on Janery and the writing into my day.  I can work after Maple goes to bed, and then during some of her naps and her independent play time.  I still spend plenty of time with her as well, of course.Maple Play Mat 3 Months

I have officially resigned from my corporate job as a small business advocate to take care of Maple and work part time as a freelance writer and handmade business owner and I am so thankful I am able to be home with her right now.   I love (almost) every minute of it!

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A New Chapter Begins

Yesterday afternoon I took a deep breath and hit “send” on an email to my boss. I notified her that I wouldn’t be returning to my job as a small business advocate for a large defense company.

This was a hard decision to make, especially knowing how it will cause more stress for my boss at first. I took several months off for maternity leave, and was expecting to return in May. But as I entered the last month of my leave, I found myself dreading my return. I thought the long leave would be enough . . . but I really want to stay home with Maple for the first few years rather than send her to daycare. Also, there’s a lot of travel in my job, as well as the random evening or weekend work that can come up at any time. I could probably ask to travel less and refuse to do the after-hours work, but that wouldn’t be fair to the team. It’s what the job entails and they should have someone who is in it 100%.

It’s really strange to be leaving the company I’ve been with for the last 9 years, especially to be leaving a job I enjoyed so much. I think it will take a while for it to sink in.

Ryan and I are fortunate that we are able to make this choice, and it is one that he’s on board with. We’ll be living more frugally but that is absolutely worth it to me. I’m going to continue freelance writing, blogging, and running Janery part-time. I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Have you ever quit your day job to be an at-home mom? If so, was it an easy or hard decision for you to make?