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My First Podcast: Living a B+ Life

Today I’m a guest on the Sarah R Bagley podcast where I’m chatting with Sarah about perfection.  It was so much fun to do my first podcast ever with her, since she’s also my friend and neighbor!  I have to admit that I’m envious of her perfectionist spirit in regards to blogging and writing. It’s what keeps her blogging on a perfect schedule, whereas my carefree approach means that I never keep a good schedule. :)

Sarah Bagley Podcast B+ Life

A few items of note:

  • If I sound stiff and boring for the first few minutes, it’s because I AM.  Just kidding – I was just nervous and had to get warmed up.
  • I was a slob in college, and I admit it.
  • I mention an embarrassing fall wreath project in my early days of blogging.  Here it is. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.
  • I explain (sort of) why the basement has never finished being decorated.
  • I tell the whole horrific story of The Watermelon Living Room at the old condo.
  • I explain how perfection definitely applies to the products I make for Janery.  I ramble a lot at this point.  (Sorry, Sarah!)
  • Finally, I’m on a quest to get Sarah to relax in her perfectionist approach to DIY.  :) We’ll see how that goes this year!


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Don’t Forget The Other Dog

The day after we said goodbye to Charlie, I had to run some errands.  Maybe I just had to get out of the house.  Either way, I took Merlin with me.Merlin in Grass

When we got home, Merlin dashed excitedly through the house.  First into the bedroom, followed by my office.  Then back into the living room, and into the kitchen.  He pranced at the back door, so I let him out to circle the yard.

Coming back into the house, Merlin sat down in front of me with his silky black ears flipped forward, his head cocked to one side, and his brown and blue eyes each looking at me questioningly.

“What’s going on?” I asked him.

He panted at me and proceeded to repeat the home inspection.  When he returned to my side a second time to sit down and look confused, I realized what was happening.

Merlin was looking for Charlie, excited to see her after being out on a special adventure with me. It was then I remembered how he always raced into the house to see her.

The next day I went out for more errands, again taking Merlin with me.  I was reluctant to leave him home, and having him along for the ride was a nice distraction.  The Looking for Charlie process repeated when we returned home, so I grabbed some treats and gave Merlin some extra attention.

Merlin’s confusion across those two days was a good reminder for me.  In the midst of my personal grief, I’d failed to think of how our three remaining pets might be affected.   When Merlin came into my life as a wriggling 3 month old puppy, Charlie was there to mother him, play with him, and let him know she was the alpha dog.

Ryan and I were devastated at the loss of Charlie, but we couldn’t retreat completely into it.  We had three other critters who still needed us, maybe even more now than before.

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Two Thanksgiving Adventures

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  We had a good one, but it was the usual whirlwind of travel and activity and splitting time between multiple families.  Here’s a roundup of our adventures!

We brought Charlie with us this time, because we didn’t want to leave her home for the dogsitter to worry about since she’s sick and on so many meds.  He was nervous about being responsible for her, too, which I totally understand.  This way we had her with us in case anything happened.

I was a little nervous to bring Charlie to New Jersey, as she can sometimes be grouchy and a little dog aggressive.   However, she was practically a perfect angel the whole time.  The poodles seemed excited to have a dog visitor – too bad Charlie doesn’t play much anymore!

Charlie in New Jersey

But she still has energy for short walks!IMG_1144-001

Friday Ryan needed to do some yard work for his family, so his mom took me to her favorite quilt shop, Olde City Quilts, in historic downtown Burlington NJ.  It was totally awesome!  In addition to drooling over fabric, I learned all about sergers  . . . and then realized i need to buy one for the business.  :) Olde City Quilts Burlington NJ

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper trip to Jersey without Tomato Pie.  We tried the new DeLorenzo’s, which moved out of downtown Trenton due to crime :( but close to Ryan’s house in the suburbs. Almost as good as Marucas, and far better than ANYTHING in Virginia.


Friday afternoon we headed to Delaware to prepare for Thanksgiving Part 2.  My mother always does Thanksgiving on Saturday.

Thanksgiving Table

I don’t really get to plan anything or design the table because we always do it the same way, but I did add macarons-turned-placecard holders. Macaron Place Card

These vintage (and maybe not totally politically correct) pilgrim and Native American candles have been used on our thanksgiving table since before I was born.  I asked my mother about them and she thinks my grandmother bought them in the 1950′s!Vintage Thanksgiving Candles

We didn’t get many family photos, but I did get this one before guests arrived.IMG_1178

My dad and his little man, my brother’s son. The first thing baby Adam does when he gets to the house is run to find grandpa, arms outstretched to be picked up by him :) Grandpa and Adam

Adam was tired of sitting in a high chair so I volunteered to hold him while I ate.  That was an adventure.  He grabbed handfuls of food off my plate and ate them.  I tried to get bites while keeping food in the general table area.

That’s my niece Caroline in the background. She’s my most favorite little girl in the entire world. Jane Adam Caroline

Charlie also enjoyed Thanksgiving, loving all the plates that she got to clean off – and we were happy to see her eating so well for once!  But I think she was happy to get home late Saturday night.  It was a big adventure for her!

Charlie Thanksgiving


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