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Lazy Sunday: Awesome reads.

Good morning, friends! We still have some awesome snow here at the borrowed abode, and it makes it really feel like Christmas is around the corner!  I hope you’re enjoying a good lazy Sunday with a nice warm drink wherever you are.

an icy lake in Maine

an icy lake in Maine

Here are a few great reads while you’re sipping that mug of coffee or tea:

The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid.  I want to print this list out to see every day as inspiration.

My friend Kalani makes a strong point yet again, this time with an oldie but goodie:  What They REALLY Want for Christmas. This applies to Thanksgiving as well, at least for me.

One of my oldest blogging buddies, Jeannine at Small Chic Home, worked on styling a wedding shoot that was featured on Style Me Pretty!  I am so impressed with her beautiful work.  She is a woman of so many talents, and somehow she manages to juggle them all so well.

dog bed by Janery. :)

dog bed by Janery. :)

Finally, if you need a good LAUGH – you must read Rachel’s post:  Iced by Scrooge.  I can really relate. 

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Inspring Vintage Rooms from the 1960’s and 1970’s

During a recent spring cleaning / minimizing fit, when I was filling bags for delivery to the thrift store, I came upon a book I’d bought but rarely read: House & Garden’s Complete Guide to Interior Decoration.

It was printed in 1970, and as a result, was chock full of fabulous photos – some amazing, and some  that just made you go “hmm.”   I didn’t want to store the book, but there were some awesome spaces that I wanted to keep for inspiration.  What better way to save them than to blog about them, I thought?

What do you think?  Do any of these catch your eye, too?

Vintage Red Office | The Borrowed Abode

I love the built-in shelving and desk in this office.

Vintage Small Living Room | The Borrowed Abode

Aside from the rather ugly curtain on the wall, this space feels very “me”!

Vintage Sunken Living Room | The Borrowed Abode

I dream about sunken living rooms. Also, those hanging lamps look awfully Ikea-esque.

Vintage Dining Room | The Borrowed Abode

Is this dining room ridiculously girly? Or just awesome? I can’t decide! Also, note that they were painting furniture white even in the 60s. :)

Vintage Retro Laundry Room | The Borrowed Abode

I would happily do laundry in this kitschy retro space.

Vintage Sun Porch | The Borrowed Abode

I love the painted ceiling and cheerful color of this porch.

Vintage Office with Canopy | The Borrowed Abode

Cool shelving and colors in the space, though the canopies over the desk and shelves just seem . . . silly.

Vintage Earthy Lofted Living Room  | The Borrowed Abode

This living room? I. Love. It. And checkout that gallery wall!

Colorful Vintage Art | The Borrowed Abode

I just like the totally-DIY-able art in these rooms.

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January: Launching My Personal Happiness Project

Happy New Year!  

What a happy day it is for me, because even though it’s just another day, that psychological effect of knowing it’s a “new year” has me feeling like the slate is wiped clean.

A clean slate was needed here at The Borrowed Abode, because though 2012 was a year of great joys – welcoming my brother’s beautiful new son, welcoming a best friend’s new baby, getting married (truly the best day of my life), spending more time with family and friends, and seeing my shop succeed – it was also a year of inadequacies.  The house got messier, half-finished projects stacked up, and I consistently felt like I was failing as a blogger and a homemaker.

Enter some much-needed inspiration with which to welcome the new year:  The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  I received it for Christmas and I am finding it so inspiring, even though I already consider myself a happy person.

The Happiness Project chronicles the author’s year-long journey to seek a happier life.  I had a major light bulb moment while reading through the first chapter of her journey – January.  Two things spoke to me:  clearing clutter and “getting things done.”  I’m good at clearing clutter, but not good at the latter.

She discusses how completing those nagging-at-the-back-of-your-mind tasks can do wonders for your happiness. Running little errands you’ve put off.  Finishing tasks you started and then abandoned.  Taking that extra 30 seconds to hang your coat up instead of slinging it over the back of a chair.

As soon as I read this chapter I knew what I had to do.

January Goals 2013 | The Borrowed Abode

Why is clearing the clutter so important?  The less junk you have, the easier it is to keep your home clean.  I used to think having tons of clothes and underwear and linens was great – longer time to wait before doing laundry, right?  While that’s technically true, it also means that when you do run out of clean stuff, you’re facing towers of dirty laundry that could take days to wash, dry, and put away.  For the last few months Ryan and I have been trying to make more room at the abode, but this past week we became much more ruthless in pairing down.

Because Ryan and I spent the last week clearing the clutter, we are ready to move on to the second big goal: 

Finish Abandoned Tasks. 

Oh my.  The list, in my head, of abandoned tasks is something that truly eats away at my happiness on a daily basis.  Finishing the guest room.  Framing and hanging art.  Touching up paint on the walls.  Reupholstering chairs.

Not all of my “abandoned tasks” are home decor related.  Some are blog-related.  There are wedding DIY posts I want to share, but have not because I’m embarrassed that the wedding was 6 months ago.

I’m throwing fear of rejection to the wind, and I’m  going to write those blog posts anyway.  I need to do it to clear my mind.

Now raise your hand if you’re in a similar boat.  Who wants to join me in making January the Month of Getting Things Done? 


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