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My First Podcast: Living a B+ Life

Today I’m a guest on the Sarah R Bagley podcast where I’m chatting with Sarah about perfection.  It was so much fun to do my first podcast ever with her, since she’s also my friend and neighbor!  I have to admit that I’m envious of her perfectionist spirit in regards to blogging and writing. It’s what keeps her blogging on a perfect schedule, whereas my carefree approach means that I never keep a good schedule. :)

Sarah Bagley Podcast B+ Life

A few items of note:

  • If I sound stiff and boring for the first few minutes, it’s because I AM.  Just kidding – I was just nervous and had to get warmed up.
  • I was a slob in college, and I admit it.
  • I mention an embarrassing fall wreath project in my early days of blogging.  Here it is. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.
  • I explain (sort of) why the basement has never finished being decorated.
  • I tell the whole horrific story of The Watermelon Living Room at the old condo.
  • I explain how perfection definitely applies to the products I make for Janery.  I ramble a lot at this point.  (Sorry, Sarah!)
  • Finally, I’m on a quest to get Sarah to relax in her perfectionist approach to DIY.  :) We’ll see how that goes this year!


Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday Dahlia

In the spirit of sharing things that I loved this week, here’s a little reading for a good lazy Sunday in the fall. :)

First – my good friend Katie did a TED Talk!!!  What an achievement.  She spoke about the importance of embracing our stories.  Thank you, Katie, because before you entered my life I wasn’t writing down my stories.

My friend Kalani made a great point: Don’t Get Sucked Into Buying Holiday-Only Clothing !

I love so much of what this NY Times article says about people getting by on less in order to live their dream career.

This post on “How to say goodbye at a party” really intrigued me, because I totally understand the dilemma the author describes.  The discussion in the comments drew me in, too, because people are so clearly divided on whether or not it’s rude.  I can see both sides, and am torn.

Have you assembled a Life Team?  I think mine is coming together, and I feel that you all who encourage my writing here are a part of it.  So – Thank you for supporting me in my blogging adventures!

How to Clean the Shower (With Naked Man!)

Here at The Borrowed Abode, I struggle with shower cleaning. It seems like the glass-enclosed shower unit gets dirtier faster than a regular shower with a curtain, and it drives me crazy!!

So when my friend Christina at The Scrappy Housewife asked if I would mind taking a picture of Naked Man hanging from the shower nozzle for a post she was writing about cleaning her shower stall, I couldn’t help but oblige.  Plus, Naked Man is always up for crazy antics. . .

Here’s the picture I took:

Shower Cleaning Tips

She shares some awesome tips from her readers on how to make cleaning the shower easier. And she mentions the tip I offered up – strip down and combine your showering with the cleaning. It totally works and she’s now using that tip herself!

So if you’re struggling to keep your shower clean, too, you must check out her post!  It’s chock full of good ideas.  And tell Naked Man I said hello, would you? He’s been a little bored lately, as I’ve been too busy to get him out and about. :)

Chipotle Lentil Fajita Bowls: I’m totally addicted

Good morning!  It’s been a (shocker!) busy week here at The Borrowed Abode, and blogging has definitely taken a back seat.  Between work events, sewing for Art on the Avenue, and taking my pup down to Richmond for an emergency vet/ oncology / surgery appointment, I just couldn’t bring you the awesome.

But there is a tasty post I wanted to share with you.  My fave food blogger, Jenn of Peas & Crayons, is adjusting to life with a precious little baby girl, so I popped over to guest post and help her out last week.


I shared my recipe for Chipotle Lentil Fajita Bowls, one of my favorite recipes, one that is meatless and gluten-free and vegan and low-carb and – most importantly – tasty and inexpensive!  Ryan and I have been eating this nonstop for a few months now and can’t get enough of it.

So go on, check it out!