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Wednesday: Week in the Life Balancing Baby and Business

6:45 am Maple wakes up early . . .  I regret going to sleep after midnight last night. . .

7:30 am: We’re in the kitchen and I’m trying to make my breakfast.  Maple’s fussy, and I end up burning my oil three times before I can get the eggs into the pan.

8 am: I realize the source of crankiness is probably sleepiness.  Sure enough, when I put Maple in her crib (an hour before schedule) she falls asleep the second her head hits the mattress.  She always pulls her tag blanket over her face to fall asleep – but don’t worry, I always move it away once she’s really out.

2015 WITL Wednesday Sleeping
I finally manage to cook my breakfast and make coffee, and enjoy it while looking at Christmas fabrics online.

9 am: I test out a more efficient way of sewing an old product, and it works!  My fabric-embellished flour sack towels have always been popular at shows and around the holidays, so I run the numbers for pricing.  Their lower price point complements my higher priced items when I do shows.2015 WITL Wednesday Flour Sack Towel

10 am:   A very happy baby is awake! I try to feed her but she keeps pushing me away and then grabbing for me again.  Eventually I give up and we play on the floor, where I discover my silly noises are the world’s best entertainment.

I put a waterproof mat on the floor of her room and give her “naked time” (no diaper) while I shower.  Maple loves it, and we do it regularly to prevent diaper rash.  So far it’s worked.

Today I manage to get dressed, style my hair, and put on simple makeup and earrings.  I aim to do this every day, because being put together helps me feel like it’s a real work day.
2015 WITL Wednesday Makeup11 am:  Maple’s getting fussy, so I make our lunch early.  As I sit down to eat lunch with her, she suddenly vomits all over and then starts crying. It breaks my heart to see her cry, and I scoop her up and just hold her.

A bath is needed and after that Maple is exhausted and ready for another nap.  Perhaps she is sick, I think.  That could explain her fussiness and tiredness.

I realize that there’s vomit in my hair and all over my outfit.  Time for another shower and an outfit change.  Then I spend an hour sewing before Maple is awake again.

2 pm:   Maple wakes up sweaty, so I check her temp as I change her diaper.  She seems normal but I’m relieved that she has a regular doctor’s appointment today.  We read books, and Ryan comes home just in time to get a photo for this project 🙂

2015 WITL Wednesday Reading Maple to Maple

3 pm:  We’re off to the pediatrician for a belated 6-month visit.  Maple is a total charmer while we’re there, and doesn’t appear to be sick after all.

5 pm:  I head to a friend’s house for the evening and this evening can’t come soon enough.  I have to admit I’m relieved to be getting out of the house after a cranky first half of the week. Also, while I love being a mom, it’s also nice to have adult conversation that has nothing to do with babies.

My friend has 5 cats (and a shockingly clean and fancy house) but is also fostering this cat who desperately needs a home.  She stopped eating in the shelter due to depression.  But my friend’s cats don’t like the intrusion.

2015 WITL Wednesday Olivia Foster Cat

11 pm: I’m home, where the kitchen is already clean and Ryan reports that Maple had a good night.  I make his cobb salad (apparently the guys at work are impressed because he always brings the most awesome salads) and then head to bed.

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