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My Vintage Kilim Rug Dilemma

I don’t think you ever met one of my favorite Craigslist scores, my bright red Kilim rug.  I found it years ago when I moved to my first apartment in the DC area, and it was a ridiculous deal – only $25.  I love the bold colors and patterns; it’s one of the least fussy vintage rugs I’ve ever seen.First Condo Living room 1

Despite my love for the awesome rug, it really hasn’t made an appearance on the blog, because it’s been folded up in storage.

Why?  Because Ryan hates it.  He thinks it’s ugly, but he also said this:

“That rug probably has enough residual pet DNA to clone every pet Jane has owned in the last 10years. And looks like it.”

I say he’s being dramatic. Yes, Charlie had two accidents on it back in the day, and despite my attempts to clean them up with enzyme cleaner, the rug still had stains.

So a few weeks ago I had the rug professionally cleaned, in an attempt to change Ryan’s mind.  I’ve never had an oriental rug professionally washed before, and was a little shocked at the price of $200.  They supposedly hand wash it with a special process, and my rug is supposedly worth more than $700, so I guess the cleaning fee was worth it.

However, the cleaning company advised me that you should never use enzyme cleaner on a rug like this because it could affect the vegetable dyes in it, and could cause colors to run.  Oriental rugs, especially those with natural fibers and dyes, require special cleaning.

I got the rug back from the cleaner last week, and rolled it out in the kitchen just to take a look at it. (I won’t use it in the kitchen, because the red rug makes the wood cabinets look even more orange than usual.)


The colors are much brighter now that the rug is clean.  Unfortunately, the stains didn’t come out all the way.  I guess the enzyme cleaner and/or the dog urine permanently discolored the fibers.  It’s not super noticeable, but it’s there.

Kilim Rug Pet Stains

I still love the rug, and Ryan still hates it.   For now I’ll keep it – it’s rolled up and back in storage – but I don’t know what the long term plan is.  I’ve always dreamed of using the rug when decorating a room for a little boy, but I don’t know when that will happen.

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  • Reply Ashley from Sweaty Girl in a Fur-Covered World at 12:55 pm

    The stains aren’t that bad. I have stains, chew marked furniture, and a box of chewed electronics. All sentiments from my beloved dogs. 🙂

    I do agree with Ryan though but then again I know nothing about design so my opinion doesn’t warrant much thought. I’m turning 26, have lived in my house for two years… and still living like a college kid.

    • Reply Jane at 7:39 am

      I agree, they’re not so bad!

  • Reply Haley at 2:05 pm

    It won’t work in your studio to warm up the floor?

    • Reply Jane at 7:38 am

      Hi Haley! I had a similar thought but with all the thread and fabric scraps that end up on the floor, a rug would just be a pain in there. I’d have to vacuum all the time. It’s easier to keep the tile floor and just grab a broom every time I’m done in there.

  • Reply Mikalah at 2:52 pm

    I think it’s an amazing rug! You’re right, it would look really cute in a little boy’s room. =)

  • Reply Funnelcloud Rachel at 6:33 pm

    My first thought was that with the primary colors, it would look great in a kid’s room. 😉 I’d say you should put it in your sewing studio, but I know that rugs & bits of thread don’t mix…

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