Back in the USA!

Yesterday Ryan and I returned from two glorious weeks spent in Italy.

Venice Grand Canal | The Borrowed Abode

Despite the fact that stormy weather followed us around the country for every leg of the trip, we had a great time.  I am in love with that country and could most definitely live in Italy. I am currently working on convincing Ryan that we need to rent a house in Tuscany and spend a summer month there in a year or two.

I most enjoyed not worrying about work, blogging, Etsy shops, or house projects for two whole weeks.  I didn’t even have a working cell phone.  FABULOUS!

Cinque Terres Stormy Weather | The Borrowed Abode

However, after two weeks spent in various Italian hotels, it was good to get home and finally get one good night’s sleep. And shower in a normal shower. And eat vegetables.

Here’s how Ryan summarized our trip in his “we’re home safe” email to our family and friends:

Our bathroom is a normal size that I fit in.  You’ll hear all about Italy from us soon, and knowing Jane she’ll start uploading photos as soon as she can boot her computer….

Just for some quick highlights:

  • I got to drive around Italy and every driver over there is insane.
  • We saw a homeless guy picking up trash on the street. His rear end exposed for the world outside of our fancy Florence restaurant. Also, Santa Claus was there with us.
  • Venice is, indeed, sinking.
  • Burano? More like Bore-ano!
  • Everything in Italy is uphill.
  • Cinque Terre is no longer undiscovered. It is very very discovered.

Obviously I’ll be sharing our trip once I sort through my thousands of photos and recover from jet lag and all that jazz. Since I know that the Italy recap posts will be more for family and friends, I’ll be sure to sprinkle them in amongst more typical Borrowed Abode project posts.  I have many that I didn’t finish before I left for the trip. 🙂

In the mean time, I’d love to hear how everyone is doing! 2 weeks seems like ages in blogland!

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  • Reply Ainhoa at 3:44 pm

    Not having a working cell phone is key to an awesome vacation I think 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed Italy! It’s a great place to visit (and eat your heart out).

    • Reply Jane at 5:03 am

      Seriously, the not-being-online part was the best decision.

  • Reply Tara at 4:31 pm

    Yes, I agree! No cell phone is the BEST!! Can’t wait to see your pictures 🙂

    • Reply Jane at 5:03 am

      And I need to catch up on YOUR pictures, too! 🙂

  • Reply Jenn at 8:01 pm

    YES! You’re back – I’m so excited to hear more about your adventures! Hurrah for normal size bathrooms and veggies – both are seriously lacking in Italy 🙂

    • Reply Jane at 8:01 am

      Can I yell at you for not warning me about both those things? Just kidding. You were thought of a lot when we were there, and sometimes Ryan even referred to “Jenn from the West Coast”. Ha! It was seriously awesome, all bad bathrooms and no veggies aside.

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