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Fast Fixes for Storage and Organization

The New Year is incredibly motivating when it comes to getting organized. Sometimes tossing your house to get that fresh start seems like the right thing to do. The slash and burn method of household cleaning can easily lead to being overwhelmed. Using what you have to easily transform an unused area, pillow, or organize a bit? That’s something that won’t result in hysterics.

In combing the archives here at The Borrowed Abode I found some fast fixes that you can easily knock out today.Fast Fixes DIY Storage and Organization | The Borrowed Abode

(In clockwise order, from top left:)

1. In a small rental apartment, every inch of space counts! Use the insides of kitchen cabinet doors for DIY coupon storage. You can also use this space to hang recipes, calendars, and other bits of paper that normally end up in piles.

2. Do you have an old pillow just taking up space instead of on display? Update your old and boring pillows with this quick and easy fix!

3. Scarves don’t have to take up space in a drawer or thrown over a chair. Create a DIY over the door scarf hanger to cut the clutter in other areas.  Or, if you have more space, try a larger (& prettier) one that can be hung anywhere!

4.Small spaces often seem impossible to keep clean. Old containers can quickly be recycled into DIY organization systems. Create a unique and organized entry space using old flowerpots or other empty containers you have on hand.

5. Use what you have to organize your home! While an old bookshelf may not be your favorite piece, it will keep clutter to a minimum.

Do you have any quick and easy storage solutions to add to this list? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below, we’d love to see your ideas.

(Disclaimer: Some of these posts have tiny pictures because it was the early days of the blog.  The ideas are still good, though!)

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  • Reply Kiri at 4:37 am

    None of my organisation things are pretty – just functional.

    I put over the door hooks (the ones that hang, and don’t need to fastened) on my wardrobe. I hang my long coats from those hooks. (the wardrobe is too short to hang them inside).

    I also have one of those recycle shopping bags, not the plastic ones, hanging on a hook on the inside of it, with all my socks in it – frees up a drawer, and makes them easily movable for sorting, etc.

    Also you know those tiny box things you can get at the chickenfeed/$2 store (or whatever they’re called?) I got the long thin ones, and put them in my bedside table drawer. They really help to keep the drawer sorted, with my pill boxes, glasses, phone, ipod, etc and keeps the top of the table neat because I can get my hands on everything in the drawer, so it doesn’t migrate to the table top.

    Still have way more things than places to put them – but these help.

    • Reply Jane at 7:48 am

      I love getting leftover boxes in good sizes from stores and using them for organizing. I have a bunch in my dresser drawers too. 🙂

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