Deck the Halls: 10 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

Happy Friday! Are you ready to get into the DIY holiday decorating spirit this weekend? I know I am!  Julia’s back today sharing some favorites from the many DIY Christmas decor ideas floating around Pinterest, and I’m super stoked to take on a few of them myself this weekend. 

Christmas decor is a long, slow process of acquisition.

Most of my Christmas decor in the past four years of marriage consists of  hand me downs and things I picked up off the floor at Target as people around me attacked holiday clearance items. Throw in the random items I’ve been gifted and my collection is pretty… eclectic. I do enjoy my Christmas Matroshka dolls.

I’m sure some of us would much prefer a streamlined and tasteful collection of Holiday decor that reflects our individual tastes. This led to digging around on Pinterest for decor projects that won’t kill your budget or time in a season that is notoriously busy. You can check out our Christmas: Deck the Halls board for more ideas that didn’t make it into this post.

Let’s start with simple and easy:

1. Wall hung embroidery hoops with seasonal fabrics

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

 I’m loving how Christmas & Holiday decor is no longer limited color wise. Gone are the days of just green and red; if purple or blue is more your vibe you now have options. I’d love a wall of sparkly white and silver embroidery hoops and would probably paint the hoops white for continuity. Either way, this project is as easy or as complex as you want it to be. Check out our Christmas: Deck the Halls Pinterest board for Jane’s seasonal fabric picks.

2. Festive Ribbon through a painted (or not) key: easy and done!


I love the look of these vintage keys and am fortunate to have a few lying around the house. This project would be just as cute with our modern keys and old jewelry which is no longer in use. Bonus: Make this project even easier and more colorful by using nail polish to paint keys or objects.

3. Simple Christmas Vignette

Source: via Julia on Pinterest


Most of us can locate free printables via Pinterest, the interwebs, and our favorite blogs. By swapping out the art in our existing frames we save time, effort, and space when it comes to storing Christmas items year round. This particular vignette is festive in its quiet simplicity, and all the elements save the overtly Christmas-y can be used throughout the year.

Now let’s get a little more involved:

1. Onion bulb ornaments


It’s never a bad thing to have mod decor that you can customize to suit you needs as far as size and color are concerned. These festive bulbs can be easily made and placed around the empty spaces of your home that need a little oomph perhaps.

2. Sequin ball ornaments

Source: via Jane @ The Borrowed Abode on Pinterest

I love these because my mom used to make them when I was a kid. They’re fantastic and easy. They’re also sort of time consuming. This is a great project for when you’re sitting around watching TV. I also think this would be a fun project for a seasonal DIY party. All you need is a Styrofoam ball, sequins, and pins. Then you can hang these lovelies on your tree, from your ceiling, or forego that entirely and stack them in a bowl for a Holiday glam centerpiece.

3. Candy Cane Vase


I am yet again happy to know that candy canes are no longer just red and white. Hot glue them around a vase, punctuate with a coordinating ribbon and mint or other decorative bob on the front and throw branches, poinsettias, or whatever you like in the vase.

General decor Ideas:

1. Old toolbox filled with pine boughs, ornaments, and (hopefully) battery powered candles


The sky is the limit with this kind of centerpiece. If you don’t have a cool vintage toolbox lying around the house use an old planter, serving dish, bucket, or what have you to make this decorative item a reality. I don’t personally have anything quite so nifty in my home but I do have a pretty amazing set of baskets that would look lovely this way.

2. DIY initial wreath


This is just so pretty and unique compared to the classic evergreen wreath. I can see these initials covered in berries, individual poinsettia petals, holly leaves, mistletoe, glitter, fabric scraps, scrapbook paper – whatever says Christmas to you! The original project used an MDF letter from the craft store. That’s not even necessary. Print out your initial in your preferred font and use that template to cut out your own initial. Cheap. Easy. No trip to the store. I like.

Bonus Round: For the Kids!

Because I’m a mom to two kiddos I had to throw some kid projects in. Kind of. This isn’t exclusively a kid project.

1. Advent Calendar


Okay, so this isn’t solely kid oriented. Put pet treats in it for your furbabies. Or turn an advent calendar into a fun spouse only activity. Either way, this is a flexible and cute project. One plank, some paint, some stencils and clothespins, and you’re in business. Make it easy by hot gluing clothes pins onto fabric wrapped foam core board and using number stickers or go all in and pant a plank, stencil your numbers onto it, and cover each clothespin with scrapbook paper. Your call.

If any of you dear, sweet TBA readers DIY any of these holiday and Christmas decor projects, please email us a picture and description as we’d love to share your work with other readers!

Happy Holidays all!


7 thoughts on “Deck the Halls: 10 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

  1. jenn

    These are awesome ideas! Christmas decor is so hard — I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that I see for a few weeks every year, but I too have a ton of “eclectic” hand-me-downs. The past couple years I’ve been slowly diy’ing to build up my Christmas supply. This year I definitely want to make onion bulb ornaments — so fun! :)

  2. a

    I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.



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