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Guest Post: 5 Rental Must-Haves

Happy Friday, all!  I’m off for a relaxing, technology-free weekend in a romantic cabin in the mountains, planned by none other than Ryan himself.  I was feeling pretty spoiled, until i realized he probably planned this out of desperation, thinking it was the only way to tear my away from my blogging and sewing and get me to actually hang out with him.  🙂  Just kidding – I always try to keep a balance of couple time in my life – but it will be awesome to have a three day break where I don’t have to feel guilty for not blogging or sewing.

And then Monday morning I fly to SoCal for a week of work travel, which is going to be crazy busy, so I’ve asked a few of my fabulous blog friends to guest post.  We’ll kick off the first with Samantha!

Hey guys! I’m Samantha, from Two Become One, and I’m here while Jane takes a few days off to venture off into the woods then off to California! If you’ve read my blog before, you know that we recently relocated to a new town, and while we are renting out our fist home, we are also renters in a new home. If you haven’t read my blog before, well, now you know!

Anyways, I have never been a renter before, unless you count those fully-furnished apartments that like to charge an arm and leg that are often found in college towns. Right after graduating college, my husband, then fiance, and I decided to buy a home. So this whole renting experience is new to me, and it is definitely taking a little adjusting to get used to.

Since we moved into our rent home about a month ago, I have found there are a few things that I definitely could not live without. Especially since our house is a little bit older (we think it was built in the 30’s/40’s), it is missing a few things newer homes already have.

The first thing that I couldn’t live without is a battery-operated fire alarm. There was no smoke detector in the kitchen (don’t mind the fact that there are TWO in the hallway), and I’m paranoid about losing all of our stuff in a fire. These are perfect for renters because they simply screw into the wall/ceiling with two screws, and then you take them with you when you move. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. They also make battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors which will probably be our next Home Depot purchase since we have a gas stove (I don’t really trust the plumbing and electrical in this house).

This microwave cart has been incredibly useful in our kitchen. While the kitchen itself is quite large, there are hardly any cabinets, and we have a ton of “stuff.” Since this house is a rental, we won’t be remodeling it, meaning there won’t be any extra cabinets anytime soon. So not only does this cart free up our counter by not using it for the microwave, it also has a lot of storage space underneath. And again, we can take it with us when we move!

Although portable fans are a must-have because the house is older and the insulation is probably thinner than a dime, we would not be able to cool off in our house without these fans. The air conditioner seems to be in decent shape, but I’m not paying anyone to come check it out or add insulation, so this is our cheap, make-do solution to cool off during our hotter-than-hell Texas summer.

Moving into a new place, in general, gives me the heeby-jeebies. But especially moving into a rent house, which I don’t believe is as well cared for as a home for sale, really makes me want to wear a hazmat suit. Especially this house, which was totally disgusting when we moved in. The floors were refinished before we found the house, and despite my efforts to get the landlord to clean the mess, we were left to clean the dust off everything. The tub looked like it had been in the middle of a dust storm and there was sand and dust covering everything! Before we moved in any furniture or boxes, my mom and I scrubbed down the entire kitchen and bathroom. I am also obsessed with my vacuum, but I still don’t walk around barefoot. I clean all the time because I just don’t like not knowing what the previous renters did and didn’t do in this house. Cleaning supplies are my new best friends when it comes to renting.

And of course, just like Jane, we love our Command™ hooks! While we don’t use Command™ strips because we aren’t worried about holes in the wall, these hooks are always helpful for getting things off the floor and out of drawers that can be used for other things. I also love that if we want a fancier hook, Command™ hooks come in all different styles.

So tell me, what are some of your rental must-haves? We are always looking for ways to improve this home while we are here without putting money into that we won’t get back in the end!

Thanks, Samantha!

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  • Reply Haley at 6:49 pm

    Same thing happened to me with the floor refinishing when I moved into my last apartment. Thankfully we were only renting a studio since we had to clean EVERYTHING including walls and the ceiling. Orange dust everywhere!

    Command hooks and products are fab!

    Another must have, cabinet organizers! You know, those usually wire shelves with legs. Also bookcases and baskets. Rentals usually mean smaller space. Blah!

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