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Easy Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrade

Impulse shopping? I thought I’d kicked the habit.   Then I went to Target for the first time in over a month.  When I rolled my cart past those glorious home decor and housewares aisles, I was strong. Until I saw the little chrome caddy that could.

I’d already upgraded my dish soap but putting it in a recycled glass bottle that sat in a little white dish, but I’d been wanting a chrome caddy that could make the space look a bit more coordinated.  I’d held off, though, as the nice ones at Williams-Sonoma were over $30.  Insane.

But this Caldrea caddy, filled with hand soap, dish soap, and counter cleaner, was $20.   I weighed my options:  I could stick strong to my guns about not purchasing it because it probably wasn’t manufactured in fair labor conditions (most Target items aren’t), or I could give in and get it.  I decided to get it because I knew it would provide me much happiness.  Organization solutions always do.

When I brought it home, Ryan then proceeded to mock me for a good 30 minutes when I shared my excitement. I informed him that I would be using it forever, because even if I find out Caldrea’s not so great for the planet, when the bottles run out I’ll just refill them with my brand of choice.

I wasn’t content to leave well-enough alone, though.  Why bother having hand soap AND dish soap?  We can just wash our hands with the dish soap, or walk the 20 steps to the bathroom if we really want hand soap, right?

So I removed the hand soap from the caddy, filling the spot with a glass full of flowers:

Then I trotted the hand soap and the lotion to the nearby bathroom, so that guests and us alike would be able to use lotion after washing hands.  As a guest at others’ homes I always appreciate when there is lotion handy at the bathroom sink.

Take a closer look and you’ll see that I set them on a little old tray I had in the basement.  Sure, the tray makes it look a bit fancier, but it also protects the counter top from the soap drips.  Our old hand soap bottle we’d been using had started to stain the counter top, or so it seemed.  Have any of you had that problem?  I’m not sure if it’s a marble or granite or faux stone surface, but it’s pretty sensitive to soap stains.

And that’s the end of the story of the little chrome caddy that could.  Am I the only one who finds great joy in having things such as dish soap neatly tucked away in caddies by the sink?

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  • Reply Mikalah at 12:26 pm

    Super cute! I just splurged a little on some new hand soap/ lotion for our bathroom too. It’s kind of fun once in a while! Also, I seriously love your new design. Gorgeous! And, perfect for Fall!

  • Reply Jeannine @ Small & Chic at 2:42 pm

    I have walked by those Caldrea displays so many times and thought about getting something. So far, I’ve resisted, but they look so cute in your place! I want!

    • Reply Jane at 4:00 pm

      I think it’s totally worth it as long as you plan to reuse the bottles after they run out!

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  • Reply Dawn at 10:06 pm

    I had to laugh when I saw your caddy. I have seen and coveted a similar caddy that my daughter-in-law put in her bathroom. I considered laying some heavy hints at the time that I wouldn’t mind one myself.

  • Reply Abby @ abby & her boys at 11:46 pm

    Dang it~! I have been wanting that caddy every time I walk by, and so far have been able to resist. Maybe that’s why we have not sold our house yet: no caddy!

  • Reply Aurora at 11:58 pm

    Amazingly, I once had a similar, empty one of these caddies, only it had a tall handle coming off the three inner corners and meeting in the middle. Didn’t have a use for it (no coordinating bottles or anything else that might fit) and I can’t remember how I got it or what I did with it, but it’s most likely long gone. :\

  • Reply Christine at 6:54 am

    As a proud owner of a Target soap and lotion dispenser these last 3 years, I can only say congrats and welcome to the club:D

  • Reply Jenn L @ peas and crayons at 12:44 pm

    Dude I have lusted after a cute little chrome caddy FOREVER now! Allow me to live vicariously though you since I still haven’t given in and purchased one yet! I’m running out of room around the sink so I may take after your lead and put my hand soap in my husband’s hand soap-less bathroom (weird story about that… but somehow we ended up with two adjacent bathrooms and, like children, we each claimed one as our own).

    Love the blog btw! Found you through Mikalah. You girls are just plain entertaining =)


  • Reply Danielle at 9:36 pm

    Does the caddy come with the Caldrea set? I really like the caddy, and can’t find it anywhere. Not even on their website.

    • Reply Jane at 6:13 am

      Yes, the caddy came with the set – but this was several years ago. I guess they don’t make it anymore? Maybe the Container Store has something similar.

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