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Bedroom Update

What?  It’s the middle of October and I still haven’t finished sharing all the finished projects in my master bedroom makeover?

Ok, so I finally got our personalized wall art hung in our bedroom.  Remember how I’d created personalized photos when I watched the sun rise on our beach weekend?

Personalized Sunrise Photo Collage

I chose my favorite two photos and had them enlarged to 16×20.  Er, I tried to have them enlarged.

It only took me about a month.  Not because I’m lazy or a procrastinator . . . in this case . . . but because Walmart’s online photo ordering system sucks.  Seriously, I’m a smart girl.  I know how internet shopping works.  But because Walmart’s photo interface is so weird, it took me 5 tries.  FIVE TRIES!  To order photos and successfully pay for them.  Each time I’d hit “submit order” and then wait eagerly for my photos to arrive in the mail.  And wait . . . and wait – and then I’d check my email archives, and realize that I hadn’t gotten a receipt . . . and then I’d go into my account, only to find that I had not placed an order.  In the end the problem was user error . . . but that error was caused by their design just being stupid.

Thank you for listening to my rant.  That’s more than Walmart did.  They just sent me an automated email response when I sent them detailed suggestions on how to improve the ordering process.

But back to those photos that I chose, and eventually managed to order online:

Bedroom Personalized Sunrise Photo Choices

And finally, once I actually managed to complete placing my order, they arrived and I hung them in my bedroom, using frames that I already had:

Bedroom with Customized Sunrise Photos

I love how they turned out – and how the beautiful orange tones of the sunrise just happen to perfectly complement the orange print Monaluna fabric.  Also, I love how personal and meaningful they are:  That morning on the beach was so beautiful, so perfect, and so peaceful.  And Ryan and I had a fantastic time on that trip.

But the icing on the cake is the price:  $20 for the two enlargements.  Tell me, where can you find two pieces of large, personalized wall art for $20?

Bedroom Corner with Custom Sunrise Photo

But now it’s your turn to tell me:  What are some of the creative ways you add a personal touch to the art in your home?

New reader?  Read more about the lamps, the handmade storage boxes, and the nightstands we built.

Shared at The Thrifty Home and My Backyard Eden.

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  • Reply Kate @ Twenty-Six To Life at 9:59 am

    Bummer that it took so long to get them, but they look great! I love that they’re so personal.

  • Reply Sunny's Life in Rehab at 12:47 pm

    Those prints are just beautiful, and yes, the colors pull from all the other orange pops you’ve added. I will probably steal this idea, just to warn you.

    Oh, and the hate/love/hate relationship with Walmart…

  • Reply Michelle at 2:31 pm

    I’ve attempted to use Walmart’s photo site for my much-less-tech-savy parents and from what I remember, it was a mess. Glad to hear it isn’t just me that thinks so, though it is a shame since my parents struggle with printing photos now that they use a digital camera.

    I did a similar thing for wall art in our dining room. I bought 12 cheap (and on sale) unobtrusive 8×10 frames and enlarged photos from a garden we visited on vacation. I think I spent about $50 for a large scale (almost 4 feet by 3 feet) wall focal point.

  • Reply Kelly at 3:08 pm

    I absolutely love this idea!

  • Reply Elle at 7:20 pm

    Ah I’ve thought about doing this many times but never got around to it! This turned out so well I will definitely have to try it at that price!

  • Reply Heather at 8:56 pm

    Those turned out awesome. I love those.

  • Reply lauren lanza osias at 1:43 pm

    love personalized art! i’m obsessed with sites like mpix that print out stunning photos for a great price. i also love putting interesting fabric in a frame. super quick and super cheap. i also just buy cheap canvases and have fun painting, no need to make perfect art, but they give your home a touch of something different. something no one else has.
    celebrity dress up…

  • Reply Julie at 1:07 am

    I did something similar in our living room a couple of years ago! I took these amazing pictures of the sun rays shining through the fog in the sequoias, with a disposable camera, no less! Now, I’m getting ready to replace them with some shots of Christian at the aquarium. Thanks for letting me know where to get them printed. I’ll give it a whirl! I love personalized art! And I love the colors in your art work! It ties into your room decor perfectly!

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