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Sunday Funday Movie: My pups love fall!

One Saturday morning, just a few weeks ago, I awoke and let my dogs out into the yard – just like any other day.  But this Saturday was different; there was a crisp coolness to the air that signaled the arrival of fall, and I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

The air was so invigorating that I left the back door open and went over to my craft room to work.  Suddenly Merlin, my Shepherd mix, came tearing through the house and into my office, making these demented sounding excited noises that he makes when he’s too happy for just a tail-wag.  He looked at me as though saying

Come on, mom, let’s go PLAY!

And pivoted on his rear legs and tore back through the house and into the yard.  Amused by his excited demeanor, I grabbed my camera and followed him out.  He was most definitely stoked about the fall weather, and he and his sister tore around the yard with more energy than I’d seen all summer. Of course, I only managed to get the tail end on video.

And because I’m so obsessed with my pups, I’m sharing that video . . . which shows the silly noises they make, as well as the nasty mud area below my back porch.  Oh well.

So tell me – do your pets get excited for the change in season?  Do they make silly growly noises when they play?

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