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Kitchen Vases: A disappointing project

I’ve always loved these little glass CB2 Teardrop wall vases.   They’re the perfect solution for adding a splash of color and life to a wall in even the smallest space.

After lusting after them for more than a year, I finally cashed in a few of my AmEx membership rewards points to pay for them.  The plan was to hang two in the kitchen, one on either side of the cabinets flanking the window over the sink:

So after months of envisioning how they’d provide a bright splash of color to jazz up that window space, I finally got to hang them.

Er, attempted to hang them.  The nail didn’t want to go into the side of the cabinet, and I quickly got worried that I might destroy the brand new cabinets.  So instead I used the Command adhesive velcro strips (because Command stick-on strips are a renter’s dream) to hang the vases.  I added some flowers, and stood back to be impressed.

Wah-wah.   It doesn’t look at all as I imagined it would.  I think it’s cluttered and boring, at the same time.

Plus, when you are closer, you can see the velcro strips that hold the vases to the cabinets.  Neither classy nor clean-lined.

I guess not every project is destined to be a great success.

So I think I’ll take the vases  down and find a better space in which to use them.  In the mean time, do you think a colorful fabric valance would do a better job of dressing up that window in the kitchen?

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  • Reply Jeannine @ Small & Chic at 12:24 pm

    Wait…are you actually admitting to not doing something perfectly? Turn in your blog card, my friend!

    Just kidding. You are among the most honest and sincere bloggers when it comes to projects. I happen to think the vases are super cute…but maybe the multiple colors/textures behind them is interfering? Maybe they’d look better away from a corner? Not that I have a suggested for where they should go…

  • Reply Jess at 12:52 am

    I think a valance would do wonders!

  • Reply erin at 4:05 am

    Love the window and snazzy new cabinets, but it does need a bit o’ color. Maybe a cute cafe curtain on a spring rod? Living in Germany, they are a staple in window dressings and come in all kinds of cute lightweight fabric–you can make one super cheap with your mad skills I’m sure. Or a cute green valence would work too.

  • Reply pam johnson at 9:53 am

    Boy that was dissapointing for me and you ! LOl Maybe you could find a way to hang these in a window directly on the glass . Maybe bathroom or some other sunny room . love your blog Pam

  • Reply SavvyChristine at 8:04 am

    I agree with the valance, although probably not something very colorful! I was thinking a sheer cotton cafe curtain hung high on a spring rod so that the bottom of the curtain juuuust covers the top of the window.

  • Reply kalanicut at 2:34 am

    Hi Jane, I have a much uglier kitchen window in my rental that I updated with a little fabric valence. Here’s the link to the post if it helps. It’s an awful kitchen but the valance helped a lot as did using Old English on all the cabinet faces.

    I’m enjoying visiting your blog. I’m from the BYW class.

  • Reply ashley h at 4:26 pm

    I think a valance would be great! Or… maybe a fabric panel that just hangs on either side of the window along each cabinet. Have you ever looked at for fabric?? I order from them all the time! You can get 1/4 yard sample swatches for super cheap!

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