What the Hell!?

Introducing: “What the Hell!?”

Today I’m thrilled to be introducing a new blog column that I hope will become a regular feature ’round here.  Written by none other than Ryan, my awesome boyfriend, it’s going to be a space for him to introduce new projects that we’re I’m working on, point out how absurd they seem to a man, and generally run his mouth.  More importantly, he’s going to make fun of me, and share an alternate glimpse into life at The Borrowed Abode.

What the Hell!?  Wrap what?

Greetings, Internet. And more specifically, readers of this weblog.

Do you ever feel that your house is missing that special something? You know what I’m talking about.   A . . . wrapping station.  You know.  That corner of your house that you dedicate entirely to one menial task.

Could someone please explain what the hell the logic is in creating a wrapping station? I’m dying to know.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh.  My last apartment had a wrapping station.  Several, in fact.  I had my office desk, my coffee table, my kitchen counter, my floor, the list just goes on and on.  I’m pretty sure any flat surface BY THE NATURE OF BEING A FLAT SURFACE serves the purpose of being a “wrapping station”.  The concept is pretty straightforward.

  1. Put wrapping paper down.
  2. Put gift on top of wrapping paper.
  3. Cut paper accordingly to the size of the gift.
  4. Wrap it.

(This is the instruction guide for the men. Ladies, I know I’ve omitted steps 5-37 involving hot glue, glitter, ribbons that you run along the edge of scissors for some reason, themed home made cards, perhaps a picture of you and recipient smiling whilst doing something you both cherish while acting goofy. I digress.)

I put this plea out there. Could someone please explain why the hell there is a need for a wrapping station?

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  • Reply Amber at 8:30 am

    I’m with Ryan. I only wrap gifts on Christmas & birthdays (if I buy a gift).

  • Reply Stacey at 8:40 am

    I love it!!!! Go Jane… once I get mine set up I will send you a picture, but yours takes the cake! Great job! I had one in my house in Texas but since never had the space to set it back up, but soon I will have one too! 🙂 Ryan, you are one luck guy!!!

  • Reply Kiely at 8:58 am

    I was dying laughing after the first few lines!

  • Reply Jeannine @ Small & Chic at 9:00 am

    They are needed because people in McMansions need purposes for all the extra “bonus” rooms they have.

  • Reply Bill at 9:03 am

    I am with Ryan on this – This makes it harder to wrap the present because the paper is stored vertically – This can only increase waste of paper as you wrap your rap CDs. IF you redid this into a table top version with the paper stored horizantally I might be able to accept this as a useful tool.

  • Reply Bonnie Pearson at 10:29 am

    Oh, where do I begin on this one? Ryan, I do remember some of your famous wrapping endeavors!! I believe duck tape, some old shorts, possibly newspapers?? So, Jane wants to kick it up a notch. Natch.At least it looks pretty and is colorful. I personally don’t feel the need to organize to this degree, (as per my quilting stuff-all will agree), but she may be on to bigger and better, read paying, ideas. Love you guys.

  • Reply Jen on the Edge at 11:15 am

    My wrapping station is the bed in our guest room. During the Christmas season, I might possibly toss all my supplies on the bed in order to “organize” them and have them handy. If I don’t, my husband will wrap my gifts in the store bags he brought them home in.

  • Reply Crysty at 3:18 pm

    Ryan, you are a funny funny man and I can’t wait to hear more out of you 🙂 love you both and love this new column 🙂

  • Reply Mikalah at 11:04 pm

    Wrapping station? No way.

    I need a wrapping ROOM. With a dresser, just to hold all the glitters! =)

  • Reply Reebs at 12:46 am

    I’m all about the wrapping bags….no patience for wrapping much less a wrapping station!! You’re great Ryan…P.S. Janie, I think your “bad joke” disclaimer was the corniest of all 🙂 Love y’all!!

  • Reply Sunny's Life in Rehab at 5:37 pm

    Hysterical! How the hell did I miss this this first instance that Ryan managed to chew through his restraints? I’m not as thorough a stalker as I thought!

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