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Bedroom Makeover, part 3: Drapery dilemma

It’s time for another sneak peek at the progress being made in my master bedroom.  The ceiling did require two coats of paint, but now that it’s all dry and the edge tape has been removed, I think it looks pretty darn good.  Remember I mentioned that I tried to match the color to the mystery color on the walls?  Well, in daylight the colors seem to match perfectly, so that’s exciting.  Unfortunately the camera seems to pick up and exaggerate even the slightest difference in tones, as seen here:

But oh, how I do love the way the white molding stands out just a bit more now that the ceiling has a touch of color!

Moving on to the less successful project completed this week:  the hanging of the curtains.  The very inexpensive white cotton curtains I picked up at Ikea last weekend are just not cutting it for me.  Back they go.

I can’t put my finger on the problem, so let’s just say that they lack a certain swanky, “va-va-voom” look that I was hoping for. Ryan says they’re too lightweight and see-through.   I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and spend a bit more to get the look I’m going for – maybe a white raw silk will do the trick.  A little bit of sheen, texture, and a little more weight.

But what else is “off” about this look?  Maybe the curtain rods don’t extend far enough past the sides of the window?   We discussed it tonight and we’re think we want to stick with white.  We’ll bring more color into the room with decor on the walls, but we really don’t want a lot of color.  The photos don’t do it justice, but when you’re there in person the wall color feels wonderful.

Help me out here.  I’d love to hear your take on what is just not quite right with these window treatments.

Maybe if I make the white silk drapes I should make a thick top border out of the same fabric as my accent pillows?

And in the mean time, have a fantastic weekend!  I can guarantee you I’ll spend mine working on this space!

Psst!  Hop on to the next post to see the fabric samples I just ordered!

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  • Reply Mikalah at 12:30 pm

    I love how it’s coming together! The colors you chose are perfect! I like the height of the curtain rods, and you are right that you could probably extend them a little further out (although it looks fine the way it is too!). Have you thought about white curtains with a light pattern on them? Maybe something with a subtle geometric pattern would give them more presence…

  • Reply Kerri at 12:34 pm

    What about adding a bamboo roman shade/blind ala Young House Love? ( )I’m about to do this in my own bedroom actually. It would add a little more color and texture to each window. I love the white curtains though.

  • Reply Nicole at 7:20 pm

    HHMM. Ideas. Well – I think it could be the height of the curtain rod – maybe if you spaced it evenly between the ceiling and the window trim?? OR, Maybe if you added more sheer curtains… the windows are very wide and not very long… and are those rolling shades in there? OR – the carpet instead of hardwood floors with the long curtains? I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll find the solution – you always do!

  • Reply Dee Cunningham at 11:12 pm

    Jane –
    I think pulling the accent pillows into the window treatments will help ground them. My recommendation is to use a double curtain rod – use the sheers on the back rod. Then, I would use a white silk with the flax pillow color trim – or find flax curtains to use as the outside anchor. If you do so, you will want to extend the curtain rods on either side to allow for the window to not be blocked by the double treatment. Keeping the sheers will allow the airy feeling even if the anchor drapes are a heavier look/feel. I LOVE what you have done with the bedroom! What a retreat!

  • Reply Abby @ abby & her boys at 8:08 am

    I LOVE the colored ceiling!! I think the height of the drapery rod is perfect. I tend to hang them as high as possible, and I think yours look great. Can’t wait to see what new fabric you choose.

  • Reply Julie at 10:33 am

    I like the white curtains. They are very beachy. Thats a good idea by “Dee” about having two layers of curtains. I love the pillows, too! Oh, and yes, the ceiling looks amazing!

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